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  1. hi i would like to know that is thai enduro tours 6 day tour ower prised
    and coud i simply experience the same on my own and mayby with an guide...i live in thailand, and for any body who knows the prises here
    10000 bath per day is a lot...are there equal enduro tour organisers
    for fraction of the cr 250cc 2-stroke ,guides,suport wehicle and hotels......i mean its an nise tour but what do they give what i couldnt experience without them.....and for less money? :D
  2. Indeed 10000 Baht a day does seem very expensive. I joined a tour in 2006 for just over half that. It was well worth the money, as I would never have found half the trails or had so much fun on my own.
    However, if you can find someone willing to show you the trails, bike hire and accommodation is very reasonable in Chiang mai.
  3. In Thailand you sometimes get what you pay for.
    The 10K per day is up there with the BMW GS outfit.

    However, you can as easily get poor quality for such high prices, as you are most probably aware.

    Best to get recommendations first.

    The best value, in terms of pure riding pleasure for your money, are the supermotard tours run by Mark Rossi.
    Not only does he know the area well, but he's also checked out all the accommodation, restaurants and trails.
    He may not be the cheapest, but IMO he's the best in biz and offering great riding - thereby offering best value.

    check him out here:

    In Laos check out
  4. yeah i we all ready contacted mark rossi for some other motocross stuff
    and i have payd my booking fee for thai enduro tours,,,
    i am going to do rossis mx-training first..
  5. A brave but very sensible man!
    you will have a blast
  6. I'd met 'xorron5' [AKA Ben, the flying Finn] at Joe's Nippon Bike Shop, in Pattaya. HIKO was also happened to be there.

    I'd encouraged Ben/'xorron5' to contact GT-Riders to hopefully get some info on the reliability of the tour group that is providing his expensive ride. need to post the name or website (if any) of the tour group you are booked with and surely some of the GT members can give you some info.
  7. so the add.
    i am propably going i just want to hear if there is something equaly good
    with mutch less money...
  8. yeah hi to cdrw allso ,its an good site for my kind of intrests

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