Thai keybaord for NUVI ??

Discussion in 'GPS Use, Tracks & Maps Discussion' started by monsterman, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. I have got my wifes NUVI 205 working now with Thai fonts and language voice Thanks to AUKE but what files are needed to get the keyboard to run Thai Scripts ?

  2. I have the Thai.gtt file but seems I need the Thai trf.gtt and Thai_Prx.gtt files to make the keybard funtion work so my wife can write instruction in Thai.

    also it seems that Garmin webupdater is blocked in Thailand I have the software but Garmin website will not allow connections .

  3. Garmin Webupdater works in Thailand but as far as I know you have to download it so it can work/connect from your computer to the Garmin site to download stuff.
  4. OK more news .. I have the software updates for THAI KEYBOARD off a Thai website for the NUVI 205 but my wifes machine is a NUVI 200 and when I load the Thai keyboard data it does not work ,seems the machine will not read it , speaking to ESRI they say the Thai keyboard only works on NUVI 205 or later models ( IS that true ?)

    I dont want to have to buy another machine .the Nuvi200 has the Thai speaking language and Text is fine just the damn keyboard is not thai enabled which means my wife cannot load addresses.

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