Thai Lao border crossing at Paksan / Bueng Kan

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  1. Did anyone did this crossing recently?
    I am wondering (due to the low water-level) how the roll-on/roll-off goes on the ferry?
    Is there tarmac or just an mud-slide?

    I am considering to cross the border there from Thailand to Laos and ride to Savanakhet (and try to get there back to Thailand).

    Chang Noi
  2. If the ferries are running I dont think it will be a problem riding on & off.

    Take a look here for some reports on using the Pakxan / Beung Kan border crossing.

    The problem with digging out info on Bun Kan / Beung Kan is the spelling - what do you search for?
    I searched for Pakxan & turned up most of them.

    Good luck& let us know how you go.
    Watch out for the public holidays & weekends coming up, as customs may or may not be working. Try to ring Bun Kan customs to check if they are & if the car ferries are running.
  3. Make sure that you have a Laos visa with you. I tried it a few weeks ago but had to return to Nong Khai and went via the bridge because they do not issue visas from Bueng Kan.

  4. Did you manage to get any response to your enquiry? I'm thinking of making the crossing too. I'm a UK Passport holder. I'll arriving in Thailand first, so get my entry paper slip i my passport at BKK airport. Then crossing into Laos 5 days later (Ubon - Paske - visa on arrival - should be no problem), I then want to head north on the Laos side to Paksan and cross to Buen Kan about 5 days later befor heading back down the Thai side, back to Ubon. I My question is, do I need any paperwork / visa in advance to come "back into" Thailand? Or will I be covered by the paper slip in my passport issued at BKK 10 days earlier? Thanks in advance for any answers / suggestions.
  5. Id suggest you cross back into Thailand at the Friendship Bridge.
    You can exit Laos easily via the bridge.
    And when you come back into Thailand, yes you need a new visa, but you will get 2 weeks on arrival using a land border crossing.
  6. As a first post mayI add most western passports get 15 days on arrival not 2 weeks
    Ant Laos "your paper in passport" TM 47 is issued on arrival in Siam will be taken on departured.Be sure to be stamped out if you ever wish to return legally.
  7. Thanks Dave for the info - especially about the visa. I guess I knew the friendship bridge(s) crossings would be more "sure-fire" it's just the Paksan / Bueng Kan crossing would have meant less of a detour - if it worked (I especially want to go somewhere that's actually near Buenk Kan).

    But on this occaision I think I'll take your advise and play it safe. Maybe I can "recce" it out while I'm there - for next time - or to pass the info on.

  8. Don't see why you can't cross onto Thailand at Bueng Kan as you will get an automatic 15 day entry stamp (entering by a land crossing - 30 days when you arrive by air) as a UK passport holder.
  9. Dear Khun Javawa I do not know that crossing but there are many locally that are only open to locals
    Though there is a customs and immi desk at Champoo near Wing Kaen it is not equipped to cope with outsiders.
    This may be to do with computer or language skills ot the authority /competences of local office etc.
    While very inconsistent and bureaucratic I have always found Thai Immigration friendly and helpful over a dozen ears esp at Mae Sai
    While a call may answer your queries I think a personal visit is the way.I will be there on 26th and can ask if you can forward thecorrect Thai spelling for the border in question.

    As you may know there is no standard transliteration of Thai to English and there order of charatcers is of course unique.
    Also wording of questios in the loss of face where they like to agree can sometimes be an issue.
    Good luck enjoy your rides
  10. Well I'm happy I've generated some discussion! Thanks guys for your contributions, but in the end I decided to head south instead :) So greetings from Pakse anyway :wave:

    I shall be taking the "easy way" across the Laos/Thai Border by getting the VIP bus to Ubon :D But just to say, once in Thailand, I will be heading north to Wat Tok near Bueng Kan, so if I get the chance, I might "pop-in" and ask the imigration guys their opinion - or maybe not :crazy:

    Cheers - and safe biking :happy2:
  11. I crossed back into Thailand from Pakxan to Bueng Kan a few months ago without a problem at all.
    In fact it was the easiest crossing I’ve used.

    Laos side 10 minutes all done, then once across the river, the Thai paper work was done in about the same time.


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