Thai - Lao Friendship bridge 3 (at Nakhon Phanom)

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  1. I was accidentally at Nakhon Phanom and did ride up to the bridge to have a chat with some people there.
    My question was of course "Can I cross the bridge with my bike?".
    First guy said "No" but he was overruled by his boss who said "Yes, if you have passport for your bike".

    So of course this is no guaranty that you can actually cross the bridge with your motorbike but there is hope ...

    Now I always thought that you could not get an passport for your motorbike. But you never know ... so I want to the DLT in KK and "Mai mi pan ha" .... copy of the GreenBook, Copy of my passport, fill in some paperwork and pay 25thb. Now I have an plate from Chonburi so the big boss has to sign and of course he was not there but I can pick it up tomorrow in the afternoon.

    Chang Noi

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  2. That's great news! Look forward to the day when all bridges are open to bikes!
  3. Indeed.. Let us know how you go with this Chiangnoi..

    New options to explore for a 3 to 5 day trips if the bridge is opened to bikes.

    But yet again.. It does fly in the face of other checkpoints.
    When crossing at Chong Mek.. The Thai customs office told me.. If Lao ask for your bike Passport.. Tell them it is your green book.

  4. So today I went back to the DLT to pickup my "motorbike passport" ..... but I wasn't

    They did give me an "Verhicle Registration Certificate" all in English. So I asked why I did not get an "passport" (like for my car I have an purple "passport" that gets stamped in/out when crossing the border). I was told that they did not give that for motorbikes.

    So at this moment I know that at least in Khon Kaen the DLT does not give "passport" books for motorbikes.

    Now just someone else told that he knew that other people (not from Khon Kaen) do really have an passport for their motorbike.

    So are there here people who have that?

    Chang Noi
  5. To be honest.. I was surprised to hear the offical at the DLT tell you that you could have a motorbike passport.

    As far as I am aware.. These have not been issued for a few years now at least.

    Your green book is all you need.. But saying that.. Why they asked me for it in Laos I have no idea.
    They must have so many people coming over and all say.. No have and show the green book.

    When they asked me for the bike passport and I told them the Green book is passport.. They looked blank.. I nooded yes and passed the geen book.
    Smile and done.. But only ever once at Chong Mek on the Lao side was I asked on the 3rd trip over there..

    The vehicle registration in English is what you need when going to Malaysia. Valid for 6 months or until the registration expires which ever comes first.

    May be see if you can get the DLT to write a note in Thai.. Green Book is passport and pass this to the customs guy.
    May blow his mind..

  6. Actually I was surprised also ... but mind you it was the THAI immigration who told me that I could cross IF I had an passport.

    I even considered making an "International Transport Permit" myself .... printers do wonders nowadays.

    Chang Noi
  7. Here's some ITP info

    from off the main GT Rider website

    Here too are some previous threads on the ITP from the forum

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