Thai Moto2 rider hurt

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  1. It just goes to show that no matter how good a rider you are, riding on public roads can make even the best riders in the world, make mistakes like us mortals.
    Those who follow the MotoGP and Moto2 will know of Ratthaprak Wilairot.
    He recently returned to Thailand due to family reasons. Last Monday at 3 am he was riding a bike in Bangkok and had an accident which left him unconscious with severe bruising to his hands and his head. He was placed in Intensive care and as of yesterday his condition was described as encouraging by the Bumrungrad hospital spokesperson. He is on a ventilator and is expected to recover.
    There are no details on the accident. But I wonder about an accident at 3 am and also wonder what he was wearing. My guess is nothing for protection for his body and maybe no helmet. Probably never know unless it is revealed by the European MotoGP media
    He is a brilliant rider and hopefully he may learn that what you wear on the track works on the road.
  2. Word here is he was the pillion and his mate the rider has been killed.
    Best wishes to him.
  3. Their one and only fast rider on the world scene and he doesnt wear a helmet? maikhowjai!!!!

    Hope he makes a full recovery and gets a decent ride, wondering why redbull hasnt formed a 250gp/moto2 team and given him a ride them and ptt who were a sponsor would have the $ to have competitive bike, (though much harder now with the 4pigs)
  4. Sad to hear about this as he is a great rider .......but it does prove that Thais will revert to being Thais when at home .

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