Thai motorcycle registration papers and number plate were stolen in Phom Penh

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  1. Hi, guys! I would like to ask piece of advice about the following incident which happened in Phnom Penh. My backpack with my Thai motorcycle registration papers (Green book, taxes, insurance), Thai number plate (number plate frame broke week before and I was carrying it inside my backpack) and my driving license were stolen in Phnom Penh.
    I have papers from Cambodian police, Immigration office and my embassy, confirming the incident. Next week I need to go back to Thailand by bike. I 'll drive through the same border. But I'm still not sure that customs and immigration will let me in without original Thai bike registration papers.
    Do you know if the Thai customs will let me in with only police reports (Khmer and English) instead of number plate and registration papers. Do I need something else from Cambodian officials?
    Thanks for any suggestions and comments!
  2. If you were stamped out properly & the bike is in the Thai customs computer, they should be able to see the same guy is coming back with the same bike.
  3. Thank you, David for your reply! It makes me more optimistic! But I found out that I have one more thing to worry about... I left Thailand on my bike around 7 months ago without any idea that the temporary export time should not exceed 6 months. Now I'm afraid of the bike confiscation! Do you know any real examples of Thai bike confiscation by the border customs because of such overstay? Or payment of 10k baht fine would be enough?
  4. Well I don't think they will confiscate the bike from you at the border. Just take some money off you.
    But you dont have copies of any docs at all?

    What bike is it?
    Which border crossing are you going to use?
    Where do exit?
  5. David, can I PM this info, I don't want to make it public. What if they check such a great forum ;)

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