Thai registered 125cc PCX into Laos

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  1. Hey

    have searched and read lots of posts but no definitive

    can i take my thai registered PCX 125 into laos from somewhere on the way from chang mai/rai??

    if yes, where?
    and how long do i get to stay?
    can i take the bike to cambodia and then back into loas?

    ideally id like to leave CM and ride to loas. tour laos for 1 month and head into cambodia and tour for 1 month, then back into laos for 1 more month and back into thailand...

    easy right??!!
  2. If its registered in your name and you have the green book its a piece of cake. Plenty of guys on this forum do Thai-Lao-cambo-Thai rides. I forget how long you get to keep the bike in Laos and likewise how long you get to keep it outside of Thailand (60/90 days?) but no doubt that info is on the forum or someone will chime in with the answer.
  3. I wanted to do the same thing, riding my Thai registered bike from Chiang Mai to Lao and Cambodia for 2 month, but I was given just 1 month temporary export on my bike at the Chiang Khong boarder. I asked them if they could grant me 2 months, but the Thai customs guys refused. They have mentioned a penalty of THB 330,000 if the bike is not returned to Thailand at the end of 1 month.

    Has anyone been able to get a temporary export paper with validity over 1 month? I am not going to risk having to pay penalty at the boarder upon my return, so I would like to know if it is possible to arrange a longer validity of the export document or there is someway to extend the certificate I have.

    I am in Laos since 2 weeks ago and if I can't get the papers sorted, have to cut short my trip and return to Thailand in 2 weeks!
  4. I crossed to Laos 2 weeks ago and my Thai registered bike got only a 1 month validity on the temporary export paper. I asked the customs guys for 2 months as I planned to do Laos and Cambodia, but they refused granting anything longer than 1 month. I am keen to find out if it is possible to get any extension of the temporary export permit. I am forced to return the bike to Thailand on 12th Jan or risk a penalty of THB 330,000, if I return later than 12th Jan.

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