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    As you might noticed yesterday I posted this same topic but some how it didn’t work at all and not let any one to read it, do David delete it.

    I don’t know if you guys know this already but just for reminder for all of those (I included, before this) who don’t know.
    When one is looking for roads and info in Thai roads, do not just look road number and read comments about it,, you might end up to completely different part of the Thailand.

    Good example comes from my, as I was doing study for my next trip and looking for road 4041,
    I new that it is close by Udon as I look at it from the map,, then like many of us, check the GT-search option and typed there 4041

    I found that our GURU and human GPS on the roads,,he has been on the road 4041, look at it and looked pictures,, then I realized that it’s not same road what im looking for, so what is wrong,,, 4041 is in Kanchanaburi

    And actual name for that road is Kanchanaburi 4041 Rural Rd.

    “Other” 4041 road near by Udon is called Udon Thani 4041 Ro Pho cho rd.

    So in Thailand we have same road numbers, but in different province.

    Lessons learned for me, read and study carefully and then compare to the map and look where that road in the map is. :lol:
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  3. Marco

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    Yes i know that is in there as i was looking that road and searched by number only and came cross your travels,, and was delited that 4041 is so nice road,, then something clicks in my head and i read it again and just then i noticed that is not same 4041 than i was looking for,, but what i ment from the topic,,that there might be a lot of same number roads around the thailand,, this was my first what i discovered

    but there you see,, you doing good work, with our you riding that road in Kanchanaburi,, i would went to Udon 4041 and then who knows what i would be thinking then if the road is crap.. :wink:
  4. Pikey


    Closer to home, in amphur San Sai, there are two route 1001s, both spurring off the outside ring road and this has confused a few visitors to my place (admittedly, because of my crap directions!). TIT :)


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    South of Pluak Daeng today I came to a 4-way junction in the 3193. Signposted 3193 ahead and 3193 left and right.

    I know this is normal but....

    Franz sorry but I didn't know until today. Had lunch at the Mabtong fruit farm restaurant near Nikkom Pattana

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