Thailand GPS Sites to Avoid

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  1. Guys,

    A friend recently ordered a GPS through these people..

    All looks good online.. But when you receive the delivery..

    It is from overseas and you still get dinged with customs tax and they sell you a lower spec model and don't bother to tell you before hand.
    Wouldn't be so bad if they contacted you and explained the situation.. But they don't

    Avoid this lot… Remember.. you read it first on GTR

    Paypal have stopped payment on this one..

  2. Wow, that sucks- what model did you order and what did they send?

    Just checked and that website is registered in Bulgaria.... :think:
  3. Not me.. Just passing on the warning :)

    The friend didn't lose any money as Pay Pal put a stop to it :)

    Think it was the 350 L something ordered a 660


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