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  1. After some Amazing trips around Vietnam And Thailand, I've finally decided to add a route to hit all 4 countries in 35 days. The plan is at some point to add this as a trip to a travel company that I own (i'm guessing i'm not allowed to add the name on the Forum) but this trip in September is going to be one of a few test routes we'll put together

    We're still Having a few issues with getting the bikes across the Laos - Vietnam Border, (hire Bikes From Thailand) but I am currently talking to the VIetnamese police and tourist minister to hopefully make this an easier process going forward, and for this trip as well

    I'm sure the route or sections of the route have been done in the past, so if any of you have got any tips, advice, places to stay, see or things to do that would be great... Likewise Border tips, or advice would be greatly appreciated..

    If anyones Intrested in joining us, we'll be leaving on the last week of September, cost in total is around $3000 that includes everything include bike hire, Hotels, food, etc... We're hoping to get change out of that but its a big trip, so you never know, always better to have to much then not enough.


  2. Sounds like a great trip.
    You also sound as if you've done some "Amazing trips around Vietnam And Thailand"...if you want to share some reports & info you are welcome to do so.

    There's some GTR border crossing info here
    Border Crossings

    Here's how we did Chiang Mai - Hanoi & return in 2010
    Chiang Mai - Hanoi Back Part 1

    Good luck & let us know how you go.
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    Nice one David, I just read your Thailand to Sapa Trip, looked amazing, great detail in the report as well, a lot of helpful stuff in there.

    Most of my stuff is on my Blog - I'm actually just trying to catch up with around 200 pages from last years trips, so if people go on there, you'll have to excuse the grammar, and the time it is taking me to update and upload everything... I have to work as well unfortunately.

    Regarding the Laos - VIetnam Border crossing, Flamingo Travel have not been too helpful since we contacted them, Chris who was the point of call there is no longer working for / with them, and its been a bit of a job even getting them to talk to me about anything. So i reached out to Tran Tuan, who was mentioned on here on someone's travel write up (i hit him up on facebook) , it looks like he wants to get involved in the trip and getting it done, i'll keep everyone in the loop as it goes and hopefully come back with some good information.

    I'm still hoping i can get hold of the tourist minister to have a chat.. hopefully we can come up with a plan so we can open this trip up a bit more..

    Thanks again for the info,
  4. Post some of your adventures on GTR is a good start to reciprocating with the info.
  5. Looks like a great trip. Please keep us updated and, especially on the Laos - Vietnam bordercrossing with a thai plated bike part.

    Good luck with your trip!

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