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  1. following the earlier (very helpful) post on this subject from rcm273, my 2c worth from recent crossing as below.

    Danok crossing Thailand > Malaysia:-
    Departing Thailand:-
    • 2 x TM2 pre-completed for outbound
    • 2 x forms TM3 (couldn’t find TM4 forms on the net so didn’t prepare them) pre-completed for outbound
    • Passport stamped out by immigration, who also stamped and returned 1 x form TM2 with strict instructions to retain for re-import. Also returned 1 x TM3 but didn’t seem overly interested in it. They held on to 1 x TM2 and 1 x TM3 (which I think they just binned). Immigration asked for TM4 but when replied didn’t have it they didn’t seem bothered
    • Then went to Customs booth next door - not interested as not Malaysian registered vehicle – only pointed to Malaysia temp import form, when we pointed to Thai registration plates they shrugged and told us to go away
    Entering Malaysia:-
    • Go thru immigration & get passport stamped – normal
    • After immigration and duty free shop there’s two tents set up on the right hand side – Kurnia & Allianz insurance
    • Kurnia insurance : required copy passport/green book translation/driving license. Cost of 1 month insurance Mr85 (did say it should only be Mr60, the man pointed to pricing sheet and shrugged his shoulders, didn't argue further), insurance man provided the insurance slip plus completed ICP form
    • Next door JPJ office : presented insurance slip, completed ICP form, original driving license, green book translation. Much inputting into the computer database then they gave back ICP registration (strange square thing which looks a bit like a tax disc) valid for one month. JPJ didn’t ask for or check vehicle registration plate in roman (although we had these – just didn’t stick them on, save for next time), looked out window at bike but it was raining so that’s adequate inspection I guess
    Whole crossing process took ~ 1 hour with no queues (started ~ 09:00 Thai time) so this could extend considerably if busy.

    Betong crossing Malaysia > Thailand:-
    Departing Malaysia:-
    • Passport stamped out
    • No requirement for any customs/JPJ checking or paperwork – asked the customs officers who said nothing req’d to be presented/stamped – wasn’t interested enough to change slouch in chair
    Entering Thailand:-
    • Passport stamped in ok
    • Big discussion about bike importation at immigration office – although we presented the export TM2 (stamped by Danok immigration) & TM3 from the Thai>Malaysia crossing, we had to go inside to talk to the immigration admin lady who insisted we complete further 2 x copies TM2 and 2 x copies TM4
    • Immigration retained stamped TM2 from outward transit, and 1 x TM2 and 1 x TM4 newly completed from inward transit
    • Immigration handed back to us 1 x TM2, 1 x TM4 for future export – note these not stamped or anything (we did ask)
    • Then thru to Customs who stopped & questioned but only because they thought Malaysian bikes – when realised Thai bikes they apologised and waved thru
    • Immigration seemed to be saying that if we were only temporarily entering Thailand to visit Betong and going back to Malaysia, then no need to complete the TM2/TM4 forms
    Took about 45 minutes with only queue being at the immigration/passport stamping counter. Would take less time if we didn’t have the big discussion about having to complete additional TM2/TM4 forms and just did it straight off.
    cheers mike
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  2. Glad to be of some help .. A few years back it was just a matter of stamping yourself in and out, even still, if you and your pillion weren't dressed in protective clothing then nothing would be said .. its a bit of a farce, TBH.

    I posted the combined (TM2 on the front / TM3 on the reverse) form for Sadao somewhere - and I have never been asked for a TM4 and as far as I was aware after chatting to immigration in Chong Mek, the TM4 had been discontinued, its not available for DL from the immigration website.

    I have had similar experiences at Betong, they asked me to complete forms, stamped and returned one - when returning, even though i said i had left through Padang and not completed any papers - I asked what I'm supposed to do with this and replied with a shrug of the shoulders.

    I have heard from other westerners that Sungai Kolok immigration told them to re-import their bikes, even though they were never temp exported from Sadao, they just rode off .. so no one really knows or even enforces the orders.

    Hmmm .. that laminated form is a load of BS, you shouldn't have paid that much - but what can you do? I use Allianz at Sadao, I also put another guy in touch with the Allianz girl via LINE messenger and he found her helpful too. Maybe

    Anyway, enough of the technicalities .. What did you do in MY? Did you ride the EW highway through Belum or the tunnel through the mountain north Ipoh on the way out? Did you enjoy the road back through Betong?

    I work on the Sadao road every bike entering from Nathawi, Sadao or Padang has to come past my office window. Every Thursday and Friday I hear and see hundreds of nice bikes coming through from MY, its really distracting.
  3. hi rcm - one other note, when we stopped in Danok (and what a hole that is....) we spoke to a Malaysian guy who owned a bar who's Thai friend arranges Malaysian insurance for Thai bikes on the Thai side...."easier than having to get at the crossing point"....who came round and offered insurance 1 month for TB1,500 > dropped to TB1,400, we politely declined.

    Route thru Malaysia : BKH down the hwy to Gurun, 175 > K15 > K154 > R4 to Gerik (new R4 very good), EW Hwy to Jeli, R66 > D29 to Gua Musang, D30 > 185 (love that road) > A181 down to Ipoh & overnight. then A181 to Cameron Hlds > quick to and back on 185 to Gua Musang again.... > R59 thru Cameron Hlds to Ringlet (what a shitfight) > 102 to Sungai Koyan (magic), 1504/C5 to Raub > R8 Bentong > Karak Hwy to KL. Reverse the same except no stop in Ipoh and Gerik > PKH > Betong.

    i'd forgotton how good the roads are in Malaysia (lived there for 8 years but been doing my riding in Thailand for the last 4 years), whatever they use in the hot mix is far superior to Thailand. Have you ridden the 1744/185 road Gua Musang > Terengganu? could make a good days loop from Ipoh coming back on the EW.

    cheers mike
  4. Yes .. There are few 'friends' there .. 8000-1000B to go to the JPJ .. lol ..

    It's OK, if you don't have a translation document or your bike is on HP, I have a few LINE contacts down there, you just send pics of your green book and license, they do the rest. You can pick up your completed documents at various places in HY or Sadao on the way to the border. One contact from here or TV said it was great service, but he didnt have the translated document or original green book, just a matter of rocking up to the tent, everything was in an envelope, paid and then departed.

    Like you, I rock up as they are opening, 8.00 AM Thai time, and usually spend 10-15 painless minutes in JPJ while the wife eats breakfast in the little restaurant there.

    Yes - Isn't it a great feeling to boot down the motorway, cars will move to the left when they see your DRL's, no need to worry about impatient drivers pulling out from U-turns. The only issue is drivers approaching at speed from behind when you think you are the fastest thing on the road.
    With regard to roads - Did you notice any road repair crews, they repair the roads, the repairs are labelled, photographed and recorded? A far cry from Thailand.

    I haven't done the loop you mentioned, we/I usually go for a reason rather than ride, to visit the highlands, visit the aboriginals, ride some logging tracks, get some indian fare or beef rendang. There are some beautiful places and roads, trouble is the hotels aren't always that great, I prefer a tent.
  5. Bump for Thailand Kevin who emailed me.
  6. well gents, this part of the forum has been quiet. far too quiet. so any response appreciated..... having been enjoying the delights of arabian & west african servitude for a while, and it being many months since i've enjoyed the delights of the Malaysian road system, given the upcoming gp its an opportune time to re-acclimatize myself.

    anyone got any updates on the Danok > Bkh border crossing situation? or still the same as my last epistle?

    also, I've never done the border crossing @ Betong in the Thailand > Malaysia direction - and forget to pay attention or ask searching and imperious questions last time I did it Malaysia > Thailand. so when coming from Thailand, on the Malay side are there the same insurance and plate sticker providers camped out between immigration and JPJ as there are at Bkh? or do you have to make alternative arrangements?

    as ever, information and abusive comments welcome.

    mr miuke
  7. Link to Thai Immigration download site for current versions of relevant forms, doesn't seem to hyperlink so you'll have to copy/paste into browser (ok, does when post uploaded.....):-

    ดาวน์โหลด - Immigration

    line items 7 = TM.2, 9 = TM.3, 11 = TM.4.

    mr mike
  8. Well, did the border crossing Thailand > Malaysia @ Betong. no issues going out of Thailand, had pre-filled in 2 x TM2 & TM4, immigration man stamped my passport and returned 1 x TM2 & 1 x TM4 with the usual Thai exit stamp on them. took about 2 minutes.

    At Malaysian immigration got my passport stamped and then asked the JPJ wallahs at the checkpoint where to get insurance and JPJ import certificate. they looked at me disdainfully, shrugged and waved me off. the hotel owner in Betong had told me there was an insurance broker just after the Malaysian immigration (same as @ Sadao) but I couldn't find it and when I again asked the JPJ they claimed to know nothing (actually, probably a reasonably valid claim).

    so I rode off, saving Rm80 and an hour of time - of course, this is all good until there's a problem and then its not so good, but what to do. actually got flagged down by Malaysian police on the East-West highway for a license check, they noticed no Malay/roman number plates and told me to get them which I promised to do but didn't mention any other import or insurance paperwork.

    back to Thailand through Sadao, as mentioned in other posts its a proper clusterf*ck at the moment, everyone has to queue up, I was 45 minutes in line but the queue had extended considerably by the time I left. just got an inward stamp in my passport, handed the TM2/TM4 stamped at Betong to the immigration man who tossed them into a pile on the floor, said I didn't need anything else. when riding through the customs booths after immigration was stopped by Thai customs, discussion along the lines of : "you must get papers stamped" - "no I have Thai bike" - "yes you get papers stamped, must do" - "no I go now" - "ok you go".

    btw, trip down to Betong was through some of the lesser travelled roads in Yala - R42 was ok but then turned off to R4085 > R4070 > R4077 and back onto R410. the last 50kms into Betong are great but I won't be doing the other roads again - after R42 there were many army patrols (in full booted and spurred mode), APCs, and the checkpoints all seemed to be fully sandbagged, razor-wired and manned up - maybe just my imagination but got the feeling of general baaad vibes, man.

    cheers mr mike
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