Thailand-Myanmar regional transport linkage to India


Mar 5, 2006
July 29, 2008
by PRD/Thai Government
"50 engineers from Thailand and Myanmar held a meeting to discuss the construction of regional transport linkages, including the Thailand-Myanmar-India Highway and the route from Myawaddy in Myanmar.

The meeting was held at Centara Maesot Hill Hotel in Mae Sot district of Tak province. The 1,400-kilometer economic linkage will start from Mae Sot through Myawaddy and end at the border of India.

The construction of regional highway aims to promote trade and tourism industries while strengthening international relations between three economic counterparts. About 80 kilometers of highway has already been constructed."

The 80kms may well be the existing Tak-Mae Sot road with this announcement "spinning" the story,
and thereby minimising any additional Thai effort.

Like the Friendship Bridge to Vtne such a road, if & when it materialises, may still be biker unfriendly even if the Burmese Junta have gone by then.
Also, there is the small matter of the elusive Thai carnet!

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My take on all of these so-called "Asia Highways" is:
The 1,400-kilometer economic linkage ...
They want trucks to carry as much merchandise as possible, with which local and regional politicians will stuff their own pockets. Facilitating travel for ordinary mortals won't be on the agenda. Just try driving/riding any existing "Asia Highway" into China or Vietnam.