Thailand Superbikes 18-19 September

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  1. This weekend 18th -19 September

    Time: September 18 at 6:00am - September 19 at 6:00pm
    Location: Thailand Circuit, Nakhon chaisi

    More Info FMSCT All Thailand SuperBikes Championship 2010 is the motorcycle racing championship sanctioned by Motorcycle Sport Association of Thailand (MSAT), recognised by Sport Authority of Thailand (SAT).

    FMSCT All Thailand SuperBikes Championship 2010 is consisted of “R2M Thailand SuperBikes Championship 2010” and “Pro. Racing Series Thailand Championship 2010”. The Results and Championship Points will be counting toward MSAT National Champion 2010, and to be award national prizes at FMSCT Champions Awards.

    “R2M Thailand SuperBikes Championship 2010”

    Company: Chequered Flag Motorsport Agency, Ltd.
    The Buffoon House
    58/1 Noble Geo Rama 5, Nakhon-in Road, Nontaburi 11130 THAILAND
    T. +662 423 2727 F. +662 459 53 83
    Email: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  2. Just rode Thailand Circuit for the first time yesterday- wow, what a FUN and technical track!
    [youtube:1pqswn0c] /youtube:1pqswn0c]
    Let the Good Times ROLL!
  3. So I can find the circuit, does anyone have the GPS coordinates for the circuit or the closest small towns name?
  4. Thanks Dear Tony. I hope to ride the circuit soon. I want to see how tight it is as it looks to be thta way going by your video.
  5. You're most welcome. Yes, it's a very twisty technical track. Really fun! At 2.5km it's shorter than BIRA but I'm told best lap times at Thailand Circuit are around 1:30 while best lap time at BIRA is 1:05. BIRA is more suited to liter bikes. Thailand Circuit is good fun on the ER6n! :happy5:
  6. Good one Tony. Many thanks for showing us the track. Best of luck for race day. :thumbup:
  7. If anyone is going there in the coming months for a bit of fun let me know.
  8. Cheers! I might go hit it again with some friends next week, probably on the 5th and / or 6th. Haven't quite decided if we're going to BIRA or Thailand Circuit. Personally I find Thailand Circuit more fun :happy5:
  9. Me too and I like it more because I don't crash there but do at Bira!
    I think next week is too early for me but let me know.
    Thailand Circuit but not Bira for me if any chance of going next week.
  10. LOL! Well, seems we'll be hitting BIRA on Monday and Tuesday of this week but no doubt we'll return to Thailand Circuit soon.
    We usually post upcoming track days on the SSR "Trackdogs" forum here:
    Ride On!
    Tony :happy5:

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