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  1. Hey guys,

    I am after some advice on is it possible to ride my Thai registerd KLX250 from Thailand to Australia via East Timor. Biggest sticking point I have found so far is I can't get a carnet de passage for this bike in Thailand (contacted RAAT who tell me they dont issue them?)and my own country (Australia) wont issue one for a bike not registered in Australia.
    Therefor the next question is will it be possible to do without one?

    Malaysia I think is ok without it and can be sorted out at the border?

    But what about Indonesia on a Thai registered bike?

    What about East Timor without a Carnet? Can it be sorted at the border with some sort of temporary import permit?

    If anyone has any ideas or recent experience on any part of this it would be greatly appreciated.

    Regards Wayne
  2. Hi Rastas,
    I have ridden up from Australia to Thailand twice.
    The first time was in 2004 - 05. I had a carnet issued in Australia.
    No problems there and back 12 months and 38,000km.
    Even Thailand recognised it.

    Fast forward to 2009, same thing except Thailand changed the rules and only gave me a month on the bike, even though I had a 12 months visa.

    Every country on the trip south recognised it, however a few guys have travelled to Indo without.

    I don't think you will have trouble island hopping all the way to East Timor from Thailand, they all give a temporary importing licence for a limited time.

    Getting into Oz is a different matter, customs will get you to jump through hoops, but it is possible, check out the Australian Customs website about temporary importing of foreign vehicles. Costs, time limits, vehicle preparation etc.

    As you know, Oz is a big country, I would question the choise of bike in Oz, it can be done, but you will need plenty of time on a 250 trail bike.
    So check out the time restaints from Oz Customs.

    Also if you come into Darwin from Ende, which direction are you heading? Have you done your homework on fuel range, water carrying, accommodation, camping, time of year (wet season).

    If you are not prepared, Oz can kill you, especially in the Outback.

    If you are doing long off road touring, the KLX250 ain't the right bike, even on the few sealed roads out of Darwin, it may be too small.

    I took a 650 BMW Dakar and carried an additional 10ltrs of fuel and 5ltrs of water, on top of my 17ltr tank. I needed a range of 500+ km. That is if you go offroad (read dirt roads). Only in Oz did I need them.

    Hope this info helps


    Best of Luck.

  3. Thanks for the info Tom. I think your right about the oz bit being hard work on a small bike but my first challenge was to work out the paperwork and is it possible? I didnt wont to set off and try and wing it thru.
    Biggest unknown/risk is indonesia?
    Do able with a carnet but as the bike is registered in Thailand and starting out in Thailand I cant get one for it. Damn.
  4. Hi Rastas,
    Indo shouldn't be a problem, others have shipped their bikes from Penang to Sumatra without a Carnet and on Thai plates.
    A mate of mine who now lives in Pattaya did it after me in 2006 and returned back to Thailand.
    You can search this site for road reports etc. I think mine may still be here, also Robert may have written something as well.
    Just go into the forum and check out the trip reports.

  5. You are right Ron,
    I also had a good old XL250 and rode her in 2-3 day enduros with the same big tank.
    What I was getting at, is the limitations of the KLX250, the tank is too small and I can't find any conversions on the net.
    Also it is a comparitively light bike, not designed to carry alot of gear.
    Also the time limitations that may occur due to customs in Oz with a tourist visa, small bike with plenty of time, no probs, with litlle time (say a month) forget about it.

    The above problems, in my opinion would negate the KLX250 for a serious travel bike in OZ.

    Now a KLR650 would make sense!

  6. Rastas - You didn't say how far you wanted to ride in Australia. If it is only from the port to the Darwin Ski Club, you should be right on a twofiddy...

    You might be better trying to get this info on Horizons Unlimited.

    Maybe buying a registered bike in a country that does do carnet just to relieve some problems... you need to look at the cost (tea money) in Indo to get the paperwork through without a carnet - and the cost - additional time - for entering Aus without one..

    Leave Thailand without a Carnet - No Prob
    Enter Malaysia without a Carnet - No Prob
    Leave Malaysia to Sing without a Carnet - ???
    Leave Sing without a Carnet - ???
    Enter Indo without a carnet - Sounds like no prob
    Leave Indo without a carnet - sounds like no prob
    Enter Australia without a carnet - prob but maybe doable...


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