Tham Lod, Pang Mapha, anybody know where?,

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  1. Hi fellow riders, I am trying to find Tham Lod in the Pang Mapha district I here it is a magnificiant cave network, i can not find Tham Lod on my Gt-rider Map, there is a Nam Lod is this the same place? I googled Nam Lod and it came up blank.
    Has anybody been there? is it worth while? any accomodation suggestions in the area?
    how long would it take me from Chiang Khong to ride there ?
    any help appreciated, trip reports to come
  2. I would have to dig my map out to check on the name but I can point you in the right direction for finding Tham Lod. There is a guest house called cave lodge on the map that is about 500m from the cave. The owner of the guest house has been exploring the cave networks for many years and he is the guy to talk to if you are looking for information on the caves in the area. His name is John Spies and he has some wonderful stories to tell. I highly recommend spending a couple of nights a cave lodge, you will not be disappointed.

    As a side note this is also a great place to go if you are headed up to Pai. With Pai being so busy these days I don't even bother stopping anymore. I just head straight past Pai and on to Cave Lodge.

    Hope that helps.
  3. I second that. John is the expert about all the caves in the area. It is a great place to stay for as long as you like. Good food good company and a great place for caves. Tham Lod is "Cave Lodge".
  4. Glad someone cleared that up. On the road up to out house was a new road sign in English and Thai noting that "Mong Lod" was 10km up the road. So that was a bit puzzling as we knew every village in our tambon and in the neighboring tambons and we had no clue where the village of Mong Lod was located until we finally figured out, after three weeks, it was a tourist site, the Hmong Lodge.
  5. thanks all for the information, I had a fantastic time in Tham Lod staying at Cave Lodge as suggested, what a destination fabulous!
    apparently the translation for "Thad Lod" is "cave under"

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