Thanks a million!

Jan 16, 2007
You may have single handedly rescued my trip from the depths of despair, I was seriously considering giving up on Thailand. Fed up with the tourist trail and what it had to offer, rude waiters, bad treatment at the hands of the locals and no way into Thai life. Now after two days I am once again enjoying myself. I travelled up from Chaing Mai on a visa run to Mai Sai and could stop where and when I pleased, met only locals and one couple who I had met at the HU meeting (Piku and Co.). Arrived in Mai Sai today a little worse for wear and did the visa run enjoying the Burma side of life for all of two hours. Then booked into this Friendly and Happy guest house (Chad), under the advice of the couple, and went for a walk. Passing an open courtyard with people eating and drinking I went in supposing it was a Restaurant. I was invited to sit down at a table and was soon eating and drinking, no one spoke a word of English except for the young daughter of one of the men. It had clicked by then that this was not a restaurant but a private party but I had only a twelve year old girl with limited English to communicate with. After a few attempts it transpired that the reason for the party was the opening of a newspaper, the Thai Siam. After enjoying an awesome home cooked meal, the first since getting here, and some friendly hospitality I bid myself excused and fled the scene. Back to the hotel where I asked what would be a suitable gift for the kindness and for the success of the company. I was told a basket of fruit so it was off to the local Fruit and veg store. (Photos to follow).

Currently tooling around on a Honda wave 125, bloody thing seems built as a crude torture device but it is automatic and has a wicked kick. I am using it to get familar with the roads. Then I am upgrading to a Honda Shadow 250 although the thought of all that raw power makes me a little apprehensive but the comfort factor wins out. Already had one lady wanting to jump on the back of my little Honda after I stopped at a roadside stall but I declined, you did not see her and she ran the stall. Sanuk. Now going to try and get some fishing in before heading back to Chaing Mai, and by the looks of all the gear availble here it seems to be the main pass time.


Nov 14, 2004
Anty, You adventurer you, so what happened with the basket of fruit?
Are you adverse to giving crones a lift on your chick pull'n machine?
The new bike should see you hav"n a blast in the G.T and environes.
Keep the posts com"n.....Scott...