Thanks to my friends in CMX

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  1. The eventful 6500km trip from Yunnan-Laos-Cambodia-Thailand was not according to original plan but I did managed to finished it. So plan A out the window and plan Z was implimented. However, I did hook up with Rob, in BKK and Jeff & Greg in CMX. It was very nice to have met them after a couple of years has pass. Here are a few photos to tell the tale.


    How do I make photos to show in my thread? :roll:
  2. Don't know how your Shutterfly picture storage system works but when I remove the last backslash and replace it with .jpg I get the thumbnail to show up. Guess you will somehow need to refer to the full picture to have it show.

  3. When i copy paste your picture link to new web page i can seewhole picture clearly but when i try to attach it to here, it won't work... :cry:
    and i get same result than Auke..

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