"that" Section Of The Pai Road...show Your Pic

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  1. ..you know the one I mean, the really lovely bendy bit of the road. :D
    I saw the thread asking to see pics at Doi Inthanon, and thought this might be a fun idea to do for this Pai road section, especially as it has gone through various degrees of erosion until this resurfacing.
    Here is mine from 2 days ago.
    As an aside, the road is finished apart from completing all of the yellow lines (which they were working on in a small section when I rode up).
    A really fun road at the moment ..aside from the burning / smog :/
    I hope the photo doesnt turn out too big ..sorry im not sure of the settings on the forum yet :/
  2. May 2010
  3. Pulled this image out of some video from the Sons recent ride in March 2016.....added a little p'shop tweak.....got to post that section of video soon.

    Pai Twisters yeah.
  4. Hooking into it on the wrong side of the road. 5 5
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  5. Take your pick....




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  6. okay, got a little video together. Side by side down the road of twisties.
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  7. Oh dear....danger to himself and others even at mere 60km/h speed. Sorry but there is no other way to say this.
  8. Thai roads are great in most places, however have to give respect if you're out to play. Definitely a few close calls along the way.
  9. Got my best shot ever of "That" section of the Pai road a couple of days ago.
    Went up for one night and came back the next day.
    On the way up it hammered down with rain and my wet weather trousers somehow got a tear in the waterproof lining, resulting in a not so dry ride.
    On the way back I was lucky. Had a dry ride back.
    So was able to stop and get this photo. :D

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