The 2017 Gtr Calendar

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  1. Coming soon the GTR 2017 Calendar
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  2. The upcoming GTR calendar will have a comprehensive list - over 150 items - of holidays & festivals for the region:
    Thailand - Laos - Myanmar - Cambodia - Vietnam - Malaysia - Singapore.

    Check it out soon.
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  3. GTRCalendarCover.
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  4. About time. Looking forward to.
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    Fingers crossed out next week.
    A big THANK YOU to all the contributors.

    Moto-Rex = Mr January


    February = GTR Mekong Boat Trips

    March = Ian Yonok
    April = Brian Moto Mania

    May = Jurgen

    June = The ambassador Bungy

    July = Goran Phuket

    August = Oddvar

    September = Helbob

    October = Amazing Roads

    November = GTR Mae Hong Son Memorial Rides

    December = Temples & Festivals in Thailand & Laos

    GTR- David Unk

    GTR Guide Maps - the best in the business

    We have 150+ holidays & festivals for Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore + the lunar cycle on the calendar.
    There's nothing like it.

    Cheers & thanks guys
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  6. Looks fantastic can't wait to get one!
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  7. Very cool......
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  8. Great Work. Spectacular Photos!
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  9. Everybody's best photos! A fantastic collection indeed.
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  10. A sample month showing events....


    The GTR calendar is packed full of events & festivals for the region.
  11. The 2017 GTR Calendar is now out
    To order please go here
    GTR 2017 Calendars

    If you are in Thailand calendars are sent EMS post free.

    The calendar is a wall calendar measuring 30x20 cms.

    There are 150 holidays, events & festivals for Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia & Singapore on the calendar.
    With this info you can plan ahead so your trip coincides with the best festivals & most fun.

    If you run a tour business or travel a lot & love the exotic multi cultural scene in S E Asia, this calendar is for you.
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  12. I have My 2017 GT-Rider Calendar ready to go! upload_2016-12-18_11-36-16.
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  13. Just received my GT-Rider calendar, dispatched quickly and looks great!
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  14. Me too, looks great! Thanks David.
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  15. You can see the 2017 GTR calendar in
    CP motorcycle rental
    Mr Mechanic
    Tony Big Bikes
    The Kafe
    The X-Centre
  16. Brilliant job David.
    The Calender is an absolute ripper.
    Great photos, and very handy with all the festivals and events listed.
    No more missing the many of the great attractions that make riding in this country such a pleasure.

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  17. Glad you like it. Your contributions to GTR have been invaluable & much appreciated
  18. Great calendar and amazing pictures.
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    Agree.. Nice one..

    Sent back a calander to my relatives..
    They all loved it.. Especially April ;-)

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  20. Thanks a lot David, i got the calendar.
    My thaifriends look it first and was happy.

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