The Africa Twin goes around again.

Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by DavidFL, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. "Unfortunately" I've done it again. :lol:

    yep, that's right clocked the Africa Twin; & this is # 3 folks. :thumbup:
    My beloved has now done 300,000 kms. Except for the 1st 16,000 kms on the dial when I bought the bike, all ridden by dear old me.

    And the spot where she turned over the magic 99,999 kms

    R107 & the Chiang Dao bypass road, 60+ kms North of Chiang Mai.

    Buried deep in the GT Rider forum is a post with the 2 previous 99,999 kms clocked; but damned if I can find them! :eh:
  2. Now I have seen it with my own eyes, that You occationally step down from the saddle,
    otherwise I would have thought that You never did.
    Congratulations !

  3. Hello David,

    I think you deserve that Honda shows it in their museum in Japan and sends you back a brand new????


    Lung Jacques.
  4. Way to go David !!

    May you have many more.
  5. That is fantastic David! Congrats! :clap:
  6. That is amazing. Well done.

    Can you share some of the major repairs/overhauls you have done to reach 300k?
  7. 273453=6140-P1000032.

    And it didn't make it to 301. More to come...
    300K. I can't imagine. Good stuff. JB
  8. Wow - thats impressive!!!
  9. congratulations............. and many more....
  10. Damn !!! My Africa Twin feels like the new kid on the block with only 100,000 kilometers on it. Congratulations to you on keeping an old war horse on the road..
  11. Bravo Mate!! 300 000km...that africa twin is a super reliable bullet proof dual purpose !! Love that bike but the price in malaysia is still on the high side..Baht300k-400k!! lol
  12. Dave

    Well done now thats what I call getting value for money out of a bike ! I plan to do a round the world trip in a few years and that looks a bike to consider

    Lots more safe riding

  13. congratulations............. another 99999 will come one more time david.
  14. Good on You!
    better than the long way 'round.
  15. Try that on a Versys........Good job David.
  16. It must be a record! Honda should put it in their museum as someone else mentioned.
    But what would you replace her with?

    Old Doris is coming up to her 10th birthday with 100,000km. She is just a pup compared to the great AT!


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