The API unlimited fully programmable ECU has been delivered....!!

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  1. So after chatting to a guy on this forum called Chatbovon (who is the translator for the tech guys at API). They agreed to upgrade my fixed performance ECU to the unlimited fully programmable ECU with usb connection & newly translated software.


    You might think your performance ECU from Kawasaki is good but from what the API tech guys have told me, there is an agreement made that API to gently tone down the power so that they could sell them at Kawasaki & not totally invalidate bike warranties etc etc.

    The ignition timing is very subtlety retarded to not gain anymore power after 8000rpm (the restricted ECU is way more noticeable, as it completely buggers up the timing after 7,500rpm). This can be tinkered with & an increase in power can be achieved up to the redline & beyond for racing requirements.

    The ECU also controls the sub-throttle which again has be very slightly tweaked at Kawasaki's request to choke the air supply at high rpm's for warranty reasons again. This software can adjust this as well.

    Of course all elements of the injectors can be adjusted & fuel MAPS can be tweaked for performance parts that you fit or even for a big bore kit! The tech guys tell me a 330 kit is the max the injectors can handle. But only the basic BB kit will work they say, as performance cams & a ported & gas flowed head will be to much for the injectors. Getting this software working properly should make the TBR juice box completely redundant.



    I will have a play once i've saved the basic configuration file of the stock performance MAP. My friend has been mapping his Harley ECU for a year now & he will help me get to grips with the fine tuning of my bike & of course Chatbovon will be on hand for tech translating should we need it!!

    So wish me luck, it's time to suck it & see :?
  2. I have also been in comms with the same guy..

    They tell me this ECU has been tested with a 300 big bore and its running at only 30% duty cycle on the injectors.. They made me lots of assurances that it would run the 330 and 352 big bores based on those calcs.

    So anyone with a KLX that wants to try a bill blue kit.. This may be the tool for the job (finally).
  3. Let me know how it go
    what kind of riding do you do?
    I'd like to know how it affects the torque, and if it's going to make any difference below 8000rpm, and where the best results are to be found
    LivinLos- I think they say that the 351kit lowers the revs for the peak torque and so the API kit doesn't help with that
  4. The head tech man at API told Chatbovon that the 350 bill blue will not run properly unless a new bigger volume injector is fitted. But they're very confident about the 330 kit working. I have never been that impressed with the low/mid torque with the klx250 but a 330 running right would be a fine bike to ride & a cheaper alternative to the high price of a DRZ400...!!
  5. For sure a 351 kit if you could get it to work would deliver around 35% more torque, especially below 5000rpm. I personally think a 300 or 330 kit is the max size that could be reliable eg. injector tuning, engine vibration, engine over heating are 3 things to consider.

    The API kit is way better option than a juice box & the API seems to have more control than a power commander.

    Well, we'll see how things go with the API box & i'll keep you posted with results.
  6. I have already brought this ECU for My friend who is fitting the 351 Kit. He is a bit of a Tech Guy so I have faith that if anyone can get it Running He can? I will let You know how it all goes when He is finished. There is another Australian Guy here with a 330 Kit in His and it is Running but doesn't Idle very well (Idles High) Problem is Fuel Consumption is Horrendous! 100kms and the Tank is Dry! So it has some Negatives as well? Fingers Crossed the KLX 450 actually makes it and doesn't turn out to be a Rumour? Then You won't have to waste all that Money on a Big Bore Kit!!!
  7. Hi Ian,

    Brian and me have been asking in Bkk about the KLX 450 but nobody seems to know anhything...


  8. The KLX450 is just a rumor that may or may not happen in the distant future......not happening in 2012 IMO, or Kawasaki would be at least talking about it! The KLX450 would cost about 230,000thb + spending 20'000thb on 330 kit doesn't seem that outrageous. The 250 is a great bike but it's just a little underpowered to be a keeper in my view. I'm around 110kg & the low/mid torque for me is poor, which means i'm always riding in the upper power band (top end power is good). I'm still carefully considering the kit & your right another $200 would need to be spent on an IMS 3 gal tank, as riding range with the kit would be shocking. $$$$ HHHmmmm ???!!!!
  9. Went by API Tech this week to pickup the programmable ECU. Have it on the bike, but haven't had a chance to really test, it keeps raining here in Bangkok. So much nicer than stock so far, and i am just using the same program in the fixed box. Need to get out and test! Meanwhile, it' super easy to install and program.


  10. There will be lot's of Guys waiting to hear the outcome Mike so good Luck! Waiting for Your report!
  11. Whats the highway fuel consumption like when not thrashing it, 25-30km/liter ?

    The 330 BB kit and API ECU sounds like a good upgrade once the bugs are ironed out.
  12. I still say the economics of purchase on that fall in favor of getting a decent second hand DRZ400 from the start.. Plus the Dizzy gives mods and hop ups to go further if you want (up to even 480 stroker kits hot cams and >50hp kind of engines).. Sure the DRZ is a bit heavy for some off road situations but its a solid all rounder.

    Where the Kwaker would still win tho is running costs, the parts supply chain available through the dealer network is just such a relief.
  13. I agree LivinLOS, a good cheap drz400 would have been my preferred choice over the klx but I spent 2 months searching for a good'un! Best one i found was 4yrs old with nearly 30k on the clock for 200,000thb & i missed that because it was sold within days of advertising........finding a D-tracker was hard enough but the spares availability & local Kwacker dealership helps a lot. There are many upsides to living in Thailand & many downsides regarding bigger bike ownership.......but 9 times out of 10 i really enjoy my klx but it is only a 250 after all.

    I will be hooking up my ECU over the next few days & will post some pics & maybe a video, if all goes well.
  14. What are the KLX250's like offroad compared to the DRZ400 ?

    Does the 20lb/9kg curb weight difference make the KLX noticeably better ?
  15. Finally got round to hooking up my ecu to the laptop!! Software runs well, with no problems. Sometime soon my mechanical engineer mate will pop by my place & lend a hand in some playing/tuning on the api ecu, as he has been tuning his Harley ecu for a longtime with good results & knows a bit more than me about such things. I'm sure most of you have seen the api tech videos posted by Chatbovon & will see nothing new here, except they use the Thai version of this software. So here is a short video of the newly translated English api software at work, sorry it's a bit shacky but i was on my own twisting the throttle & videoing at the same time!! Once we have worked out how to save the original MAP as a .cfg file the fun can start & some sort of report can be written.
  16. Hey Mike,

    mods, please delete this post. thx
  17. Hey Mike,

    Please keep me posted with any tips or tuning results of the api ecu. Like you i've only just got around to hooking it up etc. I'm interested in saving the complete MAP from the unlimited ecu as a .cfg file, once i have this safely saved on the laptop then i can always re-load this stock performance ecu setting back onto the ecu if i bugger things up in the tuning process....

    There are no dyno machines on Phuket, so a tune then ride approach (suck it n see) will have to be used. A friend of mine will be importing & running Phuket's 1st & only dyno in feb 2012 if all goes to plan!

  18. Hey Joel,

    When the status bar become to green. Click "Up load" to read the data in ECU. You will see the value in each table. Open every table and graph then save to be the default file for restore when you tune wrong.

    Have fun wiyh new toy :)
  19. Ok, did some tests today on the unlimited api ecu. Chatbovon was good enough to email me 3 test .cfg files (MAPS).

    The 1st problem i encountered with the software was how to save a whole .cfg MAP of everything on the ecu, this is not obvious or explained properly in the 20 page api pdf. AS you can see on the video Tony1 was our 1st attempt to save everything & it didn't seem big enough (5k) compared with Chatbovon's file sizes (9k)! So Tony2 our 2nd attempt on the video was (9k) & ok. This is done by opening all 7 windows of the software & individually closing them while pressing upload for each one before closing window. (UPload is onto laptop & Download is onto ECU)

    Had a very brave tinker with the subthrottle & leaned off the injection which made the bike ride slow (almost like popping on the original restricted ecu). Then came the big moment of loading the saved Tony2 file back on the ecu & thankfully the bike was back to original performance ecu power!! Big sigh of relief....

    Now we were feeling brave enough to load test1 & ride round the block. It was a little slower in top end power & but smoother low down in the rpm range. Good for town commuting i would say.

    Test2 seemed to be back to the normal power curve of the performance ecu.

    Test3 which Chatbovon stressed was an increase in injection acceleration and will cause an increase in fuel consumption. Well this MAP went on & i took the bike for a blast around the block & there was a noticeable increase in pulling power from 7000-1000rpm! First gear was pretty brutal. And Almost lifted the front wheel up in second gear just rolling the throttle back.......hhmmm i like this!! think i will leave this MAP on the bike for a full tank to see how fuel is affected. Plus there is a bit more decelerating exhaust popping happening with this MAP. As you can see on the air-fuel ratio (AF) bar on the software (green bar bottom left) 10 is very rich & 15 is very lean. Up in the higher rpm's this was reading 10.5 & 11 which is rich & whats causing the exhaust popping but below 5000rpm the average reading was 12-13 which is a perfect (AF) reading.

    On a full tank to the fuel warning light coming on with the stock performance ecu my bike on average for medium/hard start/stop riding is about 130km(ish). We will see in 3 or 4 days what the new figure is, for a full tank.

    So not being an expert is ecu tuning, today went pretty well but the software does seem rather new & needing a few tweeks, i guess this will come as they develop newer versions (i'm using v7.1). Compared to my mate Tony's Harley ecu software it does not compare at the moment, as he can view simulated on screen comparison MAPS & ride with the laptop in his side pannier & get a full diagnostic reading of what needs changing to run better. But if i hadn't seen the Harley software in action, when i would be very impressed with the api program.

  20. This is all very interesting thanks. We'll be waiting a while before they have one for the CBR250. As things stand I wouldn't have a clue how to use/work one but it's very interesting to see all the info. Thanks.
  21. Apologies. It appears they have one for the CBR250R on their site. But I haven't read on anyone using it yet. Are they really only good for bikes that are sold restricted?
  22. If your bike is out of warranty period, then the snip is a good cheap option. With the performance ecu, you can always just plug the original back in & Kawasaki will not know any different!

    But there are 2 or 3 snip options, so make sure you research this method properly.

    With the programmeable ecu, you could have 3 riding styles saved on your laptop. Example, low fuel good low torque or an off road MAP & a high power high rpm fast road MAP! It took me 5 minutes to load a new MAP on my ecu the other day. Don't even have to remove the side panel to plug the usb cable in!!
  23. (Update)
    In hindsight my fuel consumption exercise is probably the most unscientific experiment ever!! With a full tank of fuel to low warning light coming on, I lost 15km....130km to 115km) but the bike is feeling faster at the top end & I have given her a harder ride than usual due to the better high rpm power delivery from loading a new MAP from Chatbovon. My bike is faster than my mates 2009 D-Tracker with performance ecu & juice box!!
  24. More power, more gas - 10% more is acceptable. How small is the tank? My Wave 125 gets more out of one filling!
    ECU-wise a programmable would be my choice; power at low rpm for daily city riding, at high rpm for the track or a trip - perfect!
  25. Slash they have the De-Restricted API ECU available at Kawasaki for 4000 Baht. I would suggest that over the Wire Cut! Main advantages are the Dealer fits it, It is Plug and Play and I doubt it affects Your Warranty? With the kind of Mileage You intend to do this would be the best option but that's only My View?

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