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  1. The Tiger had had a top end oil leak for some time. Wot’s new you all say, it’s a Triumph...
    Silly me thinks I might be able to fix it……
    I knew from a previous head overhaul (oversize valve guides fitted and some thread holes helicoiled), that the pushrod tubes had had the top shoulder ground down, for reasons unknown, but presumably because they were the wrong part. I now had some nice, new, shiny, correct pushrod tubes to fit.


    Couldn’t find a news photo this time, of a certain politician to put the dirty oily parts on…


    Ahaa.. so the ground down shoulder is the same size as the new item shoulder. Looks like the oil leak was due to the poorly fitting seal. Should have saved my muns…
    Better chamfer off those nasty burrs on the new tubes


    A little de-carbonising to do of course. Best done with a tough plastic scraper , nylon brush and paraffin. Slow job… must resist that tempting steel screwdriver.


    crikey…. +60 over pistons. The manual says max is +40..!
    The bank manager tells me I can’t have a new barrel and pistons… oh well, the bike was running OK before this….


    Judicious use of a file here. Some guesswork going on when the Meriden lads wrote the torque settings in the manual..?


    More scrubbing etc….. hey.. what’s that steel screwdriver doing there…?


    The flexy "m.mouse corp." valve spring compressor just wasn’t up to the job. Some welding to reinforce the collet pusher end and a locknut on the adjuster rod made it feel less like it was made of bamboo.


    Better lap the valves in to while I’m here… remember the stick with the rubber suckers on the ends...?


    Nice and shiny… no not painted, that’s the result of vapour blasting. Great for soft metal parts.


    All shiny clean and back together.


    While I’m doing all this, there’s another niggly issue…...


    I really ought to deal with the scoring on the bores while I’m here… off with the barrel then..


    Must have been a slight mis-alignment on the last overbore… note the difference in metal thickness on the inside edge of each bore flange. No more overboring….. if that flange gets too thin it may break off.


    The cheapo honing tool just about did the job before falling apart….


    Right bore done…. now the left


    Only slight wear on the pistons, just fit some new rings. Ring gaps in the bores almost in spec… much better than before anyway…


    Smooth off the slide and body to a slick fit..? (well.. as good as you get with an Amal..).


    May I introduce “Petseal”… a ‘90’s tank sealant. The word “gasohol” was unknown at the time. The bike was much happier without all this crap sloshing about in the tank… trying to dissolve and get through the carb etc.. etc..!


    Happiness is a classic that is in one piece and gets out of the workshop…..
    However… guess wot.. I still have the oil leak… The manual indicates the pushrod tubes should have an O ring at the top and a square seal at the bottom… but I now know better… so….. Next time……..
  2. ianyonok

    Nice report and pictures, nice to see inside what has been going on in there,,thanx for sharing
  3. Great work, and must be satisfying to have it done, done right, and all by your own hand..

    But it doesnt count unless you have a few bits left over !! :lol:
  4. Push rod tube oil leaks are a bane of triumphs , try various O rings and some WELLSEAL or equivalent . or cork O rings as OLD HDs used they were good as they absorbed some oil and swelled to block leaks .

    Cheap chinese tools falling apart during the job ...yep been there too.

    good work mate
  5. PS: when the ANALs get too worn in the slides that the bike runs bad its either buy new ones or change to MIKUNI.
  6. The problem I get with this Anal, is the slide sticking in the body. A bit of spit and emery usually does the job though. That Petseal gunge hasn't helped tho. I couldn't take the easy option and fit a Mikuni. I like Brit bits on a Brit bike I'm afraid. I have a selection of quad and O rings supplied for the pushrod tubes. Now I know the manual is wrong I will try again sometime with the O at the bottom and quad at the top.
    No bits left over this time, but I daresay something may fall off sometime.... all part of the fun.

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