The best 7-11 on the road?

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  1. DavidFL

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    A thread made for Capt Slash...

    With the hot season fast approaching I always find the aircon 7-11 stores welcome for a drink & fuel stop (if you're at a petrol station.)
    Now for me the best 7-11 has to be the one at the PTT on the west side of the super Route 11, just a 1km North of Uttaradit & the Route 1045 / 11 junctions.
    But where are you best 7-11 tips?
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  3. tropicaljohno

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    David, is that the first one you come to once leaving CNX heading back to east/south. We have stopped at that one a few times, great 7-11 as you can sit at stool and counter to eat/drink.

    Only problem last time when leaving CNX there were 7 tourist coaches in there as well, so 7-11 just a little crowded.

    Sorry too lazy to get map out to say what road its on, but its the main drag leaving CNX
  4. mikerust

    mikerust Ol'Timer

    Apparently the best use for a 7-11 is "The 7-11 Test". In Pattaya this is performed nightly by the streetwise.

    Early in the morning, having drunk and paid too much and finding yourself in the company of a female you persude her to accompany you into the 7-11 on the pretext of buying (insert reason). Then you excuse yourself to go to the back of the store for something, you turn and look at your escort under the bright flourescent lighting.
    If she doesn't pass the test you can sneek around the shelving and do a runner.
  5. BignTall

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