The BMW Lookalikes are in your shop now

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  1. tropicaljohno

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    So, if you were in the market for a 650CS, check out the latest bikes in your local PRD shop.

    See fotos below, and before anyone says anything, I am no way connected to these shops. Our PRD shop in Phuket, is almost directly opposite our BMW dealer, and I saw one of these 'magnificent machines' out on the pavement.





    Now reading their glossy brochure, here are the details:
    Ultimate Sports Tourer
    European Standards
    Advanced Technology

    3 Year or 30,000 kms Full Warranty which includes:
    Free Oil and Maintenance
    Free Parts and Labour
    Not including Battery and Tyres

    200cc, and all for the price of 68,000 baht.

    Mind you Thailand being Thailand, the girl in the shop said warranty on engine only (TIT) and I didnt read the brochure till I got home. (Actually read brochure whilst having lunch in KFC)

    So if 3 year full warranty, ride it for 2.5 years then get rid of it, (if it hasn't self destructed by then).

    We have 4 of these bikes in our showroom, here in Phuket.

    oh one more thing, dealers in:
    Hat Yai
    Chiang Mai
    Khon Kean

    Seems the Pattaya boyz have been forgotten.

    The bike is made by Gusto their slogan "Ride With Pride"

    Happy Lahu New Year to you all.
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  3. daewoo

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    They would need better quality display girls before they would get my business

    :p :p :p :p

    After the trouble you have been having offloading your bikes, I would have thought new bikes would have been the last thing on your mind...

  4. tropicaljohno

    tropicaljohno Ol'Timer

    No harm in looking.................. (especially as I will probably have to borrow the money off mortgage to buy next bike, so wont be rushing into anything yet)
  5. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    Certainly Look the Part but they appear awfully Big for only 200cc :? Price is right though!!! I Bet BMW love it :shock:
  6. tropicaljohno

    tropicaljohno Ol'Timer

    Yes, especially as if you stand outside this shop, and look across the road, you can see the BMW dealer
  7. Lightemup

    Lightemup Ol'Timer

    And where exactly is that BMW dealer?
    I need some stuff, like turnsignals and other parts. Forgetting not to brake going downhill on a dirtroad to Nui beach, got nasty today.
    Offroad lesson 101...Relearnt.

    Edited: Never mind, my GPS had it marked.

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