The brokeback mountain duo explore the dirty side

Oct 12, 2005
After getting slated in a prevuiys post its only fair to show the other side of the coin. Between the two of us we have enough common sense to fill a sow bug. So full of confidence we are off again on some more exploration trips. Columbus was a wuss join the Muppets on behind the scenes ride.

The Lukester at a rare moment upright with the rear wheel in line with the front.

Here are some laughhs and mishaps with some commentary to follow at a later date. Unless you gents can guess the reasons of the mishaps.

The CRF deciding it is better going over rock steps without an inept 80 kilos hampering it.

Not to be left out ole Barry BBQ to decided to scare the local villagers with the sight of 260 kilos of out of control mass hurtling itself through the air. Please say a prayer for the tree that took the brunt of the force. Thankfully Airforce Barry survived the 46KPH launch (confirmed via GPS) with his knee a little worse for wear needing a few stitches. DRZ pieces have been adopted by the jungle as alms to the Gods.


Trying to reach for the stars on a trail (or lack of) we tried to push up to the observstory.

Luke forgetting left and rifght sides when told to keep to the right. Luke was attempting to utilize Mark Rossis coaching skills on ly to once again be bucked off with authority. Thankfully it was a crf for the muppets to haul back up on the trail as an XR would still be collecting worms down the ditch.

Bike rescue in mid procedure. Maybe Mark Rossi has some additional tips for these situations?


Lukes Girlfriend is getting increasingly jealous over the CRF that Luke pours his amourous attentions into.


The competition rears its head with this spy shot of Luke attempting to nueter the YZF mid ride. Knowing Luke this long however I've realized Luke is only cappable of turning the fuel tap and not much else. Bike mechanics are as foriegn to him as foreplay is to a Thai gent.


Luke getting bored with the easy trail and attempting to short cut the corner.


Confues looks as we try to figure out why a tree can redirect a bike so quickly into the bushes against your will.


Ugggghh....mmmmm...not all of Lukes riding partners make it the next morning onto their bikes.



The two of us looking a wee bit bewildered and confused as to why we spent 100,000 baht for these bloody toys. As its a lot of missed nights out in the Karaokes of Chiang Mai Land. As one other 2008 YZF rider can attest to.


Trees that the YZF fit through without difficulty just like its riders nether regions that the Lukester is in need of a bit of lubricated assistance.

The Barry BBQ relishing in the wet roots of Doi Sutthep and longing for the gals of Sophies in Phenom Pehn.


Lukes wheels in line in anopther rare moment.



The muppets taking one of their famous 15 minute breaks to enjoy the scenery. Lukes neck evidence of craning it at too many CNX uni gals.




The CRF proving it can carry the front end longer sans pilot as it spits luke off the back during a botched wheelie. I was cheering him on and the cheers got even louder as I was behind him and began to see the front number plate. cheering ever so loudly as the bike continued down the trail on the back wheel with lukes butt dragging along trail sorely missing the seat of the CRF. Lukes ass took a beating far worse than Lukes girlfriend even after 3 bottles of Sangsom and a perverted mental state.



a rare moment of "control" for the muppets.
Oct 12, 2005
The infamous haunter of Chiang Mai Land karaokes and owner of the uncontrolled (and sadly for the gals), untethered index finger :eek:, 2008 yzf rider (or Happy Feet) makes his prescence least this time it was without the index finger eh? An innocent stander eh? About as innocent as a "left of the yellow line" Eden Club gal i tell you.

We are beginning to explore outsidethe Doi Sutthep boundries feeling like teenage Meerkats peeking out of the burrow, the Muppets are toying with the idea of riding more than 4 KM's from their front door. We've recently come back from a trip around Chiang Dao on the motocrossers and had a laugh.

We are a bit nervous about any more hints and assistance coming from the "innocent stander" as so far they have only resulted in dry nights in Chiang Dao and crashing motorbikes (even including one event of being run over by said "innocent stander" as he turned the elementry task of bump starting motorbikes into a major quagmire of crashed motorbikes and injured muppets sprawled out in the middle of tarmac village road much to the bewilderment and amusement of the local Thais). Rumor has it the Bush administration suspects the "innocent Bystander" to be an Al Queda operative doing his best to off wayward British and U.S. expats in SEA.

The man wrapped in a romantic come hither plastic outfit whilst not my cup of tea, I hold no judgments against the CRF rider rom Sommersets taste. Its a free world and its nice to see him unencumbered, living life fully self expressed and unabashed about who he ends up waking next to.
Oct 12, 2005
Seeing Happy Feets incex finger skills at work first hand on the MX track and in the bars i can duly attest to his adroit manipulation of the front brake and crotch. His above misspelling of "crutch" has been addressed :wink: .

We muppets can only aspire to his nether region manipulation exploits that are legendary in various dark and seedy nightclubs. he's also not so bad on a MX bike :wink: .

Got back from another sojourn into the bushes of Sutthep. Attempted to follow one of Devldogs trails without a gps track.....ummmm....errrr....not the brightest of Dave we have a new variation of your "thick" trail if you'd care for the tracks :roll: .