The Buddha Cliff Temple - Phayao

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    Phayao attractions

    Just 6 kms off the Phayao super highway is an unusual wat in the forest on an escarpment - Wat Huai Pha Kiang.

    GTR - IMG_4310.JPG

    entrance to the wat is up a short asphalt / gravel road
    GTR - IMG_4333.JPG

    GTR - IMG_4332.JPG

    The wat sits among the trees & on the edge of a cliff, that you'd never know was there when you pull up in the car park.

    GTR - IMG_4312.JPG

    more to come
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    Walk through the trees 20 metres from the car park & you are on rocky cliff face overlooking a valley.

    Carved out of the rocks are numerous Buddha images, bas relief style.
    Depending exactly where you start from it can be a rickety ladder, or a rocky stairway that leads you down to the Buddha images.

    GTR - IMG_4313.JPG

    GTR - IMG_4315.JPG

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    GTR - IMG_4322.JPG GTR - IMG_4323.JPG

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    The google maps location

    Google Maps

    It is located on R1019. 6.3 kms from the start of R1019 at the super highway. Head north & it is on the right hand side.
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    Seems to be nice carvings, albeit in precarious equilibrium. Well worth to have a look at these delicate artworks ... and Phayao is anyway always worth the trip. Thank you for the highlight.
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    I'm back next month I will ride up and have a look as great photos
    Thanks and safe riding

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