The CEI Supercross Weekend.

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    Well I’ll start the ball rolling.

    The weather was perfect.

    Got away from the Cnx super at 2.07 pm, a bit later than the estimated" late morning / mid day departure. (So what's new?)

    The road works on R118, just north of Doi Saket are progressing real well & "maybe" in 6 months it might be finished?

    What I love is the local construction methods, where they try & avoid inconveniencing the regular traffic as much as possible, & just letting the traffic flow around the road works. None of this silly "western stuff" blocking off huge sections of road & making lengthy detours.

    My only real stop was at Charin Resort, for the obligatory coffee & pie(s.)

    I did actually have another sort of semi-stop, forced off the road at speed coming down a long steep straight hill. Nothing unusual I guess - an oncoming pick up pulls out to overtake a line of traffic going uphill. But he's in the wrong gear, & does not get far, but in the process loses his place in the line of traffic & can't get back in, & hasn't looked right up the hill to see or avoid the fast approaching motorbike. Here we go I thought. I momentarily locked it up while I picked & changed my line to the extreme edge of the road & then kept accelerating as we brushed alongside each other. I thought I might have been on the dirt for a couple of seconds, but kept the power on & the AT just kept going straight as ever - never flinched (although I think the rider did.) Ah, just another day on the road.

    Arrival time in CEI was 4.20 pm. Too late for any help or maps at the Nat Park office, so a quick nap followed. I touched base with Rhodie driving up & he too complained abut the thick traffic &viscous aggressive driving.
    Then happy hour & out to the track to watch practice. Rhodie got some brilliant snaps & if anyone needs the services of a professional photographer, then Rhodie is the man!
    With practice over, dinner was roof top at the Nim See Seng & Mark Rossi, Robbo the TransMoto sports Team rider, Rhodie had a good night. The two Rs went to bed & team manager Mark Rossi & I headed off downtown with a bottle of whisky. We returned at 4.20am less the bot of Ballantines, consumed in a night of outrageous fun & socialising. Check out the Mom Khon Muang country Pub & Variety pub after 1.30 am if you want a goodnight in CEI. Note too that the Variety does not get going until 3.00 am when the disco at the Saen Phu closes.

    The next day, race day was a slower one.
    Rhodie &I checked out Ruam Mit elephant camp, where we discovered cars are not welcome in the middle of the camp. If only they'd put up a sign in English saying no vehicles, at the start of the road so you didn’t end up amidst the elephants at the end of the road, with the only turning space the elephants personal field. Not cool thought the mahouts, but we thought it was bloody hilarious.
    Back out to the track & Mark Rossi wins the senior pro race by a country mile to collect a giant trophy.
    The action is fast & furious with a crowd of near on 10,000 people enjoying the cool night air.
    Robbo waits his time – he’s in the last race & it starts a mere 45 mins late 1t 9.45 pm. He gets a good start & is third coming out of the first corner, then 2 corners later is punted off the track & re-enters the field way way down. He spends the rest of the race playing catch up, but to no avail.
    It’s another huge but hilarious meal at the Nim See Seng for the group & into bed early for most of the guys, except for the new race day arrivals..

    Up bright & early the next day with brekky at the Chiang Rai Coffee. With 10 of us we sort of swamped the place & breakfast was somewhat lengthy while the poor cook & 1 waitress got themselves organised.
    Bungy, Silverhawk & I hit the road together, after finding some 95 Octane at the PTT on the Den Har back road into Chiang Rai.
    At Mae Suai, Silverhawk headed south, Bungy & I hooked a righty, east onto R109 & Fang.

    Bungy & the new Triumph on R107. Fang - Chiang Dao.

    Lunch was at Mon & Kurts in Chiang Dao, & what a meal that was. Absolutely superb & h-u-g-e servings. Check it out sometime. Capt Slash you'll love the food here!
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    On the way up i missed TJ, Pikey & Daewoo by a misunderstanding so Rode by myself to Charin Resort where i meet up with SilverHawk who i joined for the Ride into Town. That 650 sure Steeps along!!! Race time i was Privileged to get a Press Pass compliments of Mark Rossi & Rhodie so spent the evening accompanying Rhodie with his Massive Cameras around the Track Side. We had the Best View of everyone and Bloody near got Run Over a couple of Times!!! Some Amazing Races and Riders with some Big Hits and Accidents added in!!! Great Time, Thanks Rhodie!!! Also many thanks to David for a Nice little Tour on the way home to shake down the New Bike. Definitely the Tiger is not an Off Road Bike. When we got to some Gravel Roads David and His AT showed their 280.000 Km of Skill and Blasted off. Nothing Wrong with the Triumphs Handling but with a 17inch front wheel and not a Huge amount of Travel in the Suspension you can't push to hard because of the Rough Ride. Fantastic on wider fast sections though and Great Power. Thanks to all for a Great weekend.
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    If anybody was wondering whether it was worth battling up the 118 to see the racing I hope the pix speak for themselves!
    If the practice session is anything to go by then there cannot be a better outdoor spectator sport to be seen in Thailand today.

    Mister Mark Rossi!

    Even though it was only a practice session the racing was fast & furious.


    Robbo's unique cornering style


    In fact it was rare to see him on the ground


    The under 16 is going down to the wire.
    This is one of the contenders to the title, racing with a broken collar bone!

    Others had unique lighting


    Team Rossi had its own supporters

    There was talk of GTR starting a category of Pillion In Training - so making PIT-stop could have a unique meaning.
    But Pillion Under Training or PUT - was rejected as "putting around", could perhaps be misunderstood.


    Anyway their support was welcome from all those on the track.

    The racing was always exciting


    Mercifully the injuries turned out to be not too serious


    Finally back to the Flying Kiwi, Robbo, back in the AIR!


    It was a great weekend - probably the best night time outdoor
    spectator sport you can find in Thailand!

    some fotos of those who were there...

    Mark and his Missus, Khun Dai

    Mark had won this big'un earlier in the afternoon...
    they tried starting the race without him!

    The guys we came to see..
    Mark and James "Robbo" his Kiwi racer

    Meanwhile inside the track with his very big lens...


    A little miffed at having his style stolen...

    Mr Pink

    Meanwhile in the pits...
    Dave, the ever smiling Khun Dai and the Guv'nor

    Out the back..

    Marcus was overseeing the GTR Pitcrew

    Luke had found a mate

    I think we would all agree who
    was the most photogenic
    the Guv'nor lurking behind


    Action photos require a little more care in digital processing.
    To follow...

    A big thank you to Mark, Dai & Robbo for putting on such a good show.
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    The pcs brought back some memories..I think I have caught some of Mr Rossi himself in the afternoon!



    The cameras couldn't get any decent shots of the ones at night...but we were inspired by the competitiveness of the little ones!


    and here are some of the pics I took when I was ard the region. There are some commentary on the routes taken. Hope you enjoy![email protected]/sets/72157603341642334/detail/

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