The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2013

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    It's almost time again for the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride of 2013. Last year saw the very first edition and already had a massive following all over the world right from the start. I tried to beat the drum here in Thailand but apart from a few "yeah, cool", there was no real interest. I ended up riding by myself all dressed up in a suit. Silly? Maybe. Definitely more fun to ride in a group of like-minded lunatics.

    I'm not one to give up easily, so I'm here again to make you riders aware of this fun event and beat the drum. Maybe this year a few more are willing to join...

    Possible locations: Bangkok/Pattaya/Chonburi (Bang Saen)....just because it's where I live.
    Riders from Bangkok could ride South, people from Pattaya ride up North and we could all meet in Bang Saen for a beer or two.

    When: to be defined with the main organizers in Australia

    What to wear: you must look like a gentleman from days past and present. Be distinguished.

    There isn't supposed to be any commercial gain involved, just a simple and short ride in good company, dressed up as the gentlemen we really are.

    If you're interested, let me know and spread the news!
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  3. mezcal

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    The date has been confirmed: Sunday, 29th of September
  4. KZ25

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    What's the purpose of this ride?

    I fail to see the connection between "distinguished" (successful and respected by many people; looking impressive as if you deserve respect), "gentleman" and motorcycling.

    Pattaya may be the ideal place.
  5. mezcal

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    from the official Facebook page:

    A day where cafe racers, classics, bobbers come together and ride in a distinguished manner spreading merriment along the way.
    To bring classic and cafe racers bike owners together around the world for a dapper of a ride.
    DGR is a worldwide event for owners or Customs, Café Racers, Bobbers, Flat Trackers, Retro’s, Classics and Quirky Motorcycles and their owners. It is an event that takes place all around the world on the exact same day. It is about motorcycles and dapper. We don’t care about work/social or life status for the one day we all ride the world together distinguished. This means Suits, Tuxedos, and Button up shirts, ties, bowties, top hats, canes, monocles, blazers, coats and all the rest of it!

    We raise money for men’s health focusing on prostate cancer awareness, prevention, research and a cure. The Event is free & helping the cause is a personal preference.

    To take part you need to be in the correct attire. Be as creative or bland as you want. The most important thing is make others laugh, make yourself laugh and have fun along the way.
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    Are there any photos from the last event?

    Is there a website or a link to their facebook page non-facebook members can access?
  7. mezcal

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    the official website

    For videos and pictures just use google's+Ride&oq=the+distinguished+&aqs=chrome.2.0j69i57j69i59j69i61l3.11064j0&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
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    Okay, I get it and start to like the idea that motorcycle gatherings don't always have to be gangs of bearded, black-leathered Harley riders who scare the locals.

    Interesting bikes, preferrably with kick-starters, even though I've seen a supermoto in one video; riders dressed in a respectable, approachable way.

    If I only still had one of my old XS650s...
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    Even though certain types of bikes are preferred, you can join with any bike, as long as you follow the dress code and respective gentlemanly mind frame.

    Ok, the Thailand Facebook group is now online:

    Please join, like and share!
  10. jimbobs

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    Ime up for this sounds like good fun,,,,I will be on my Versys,,,in a suit I might add
  11. mezcal

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    I need to know from you guys who live in Bangkok and Pattaya, where the best and most convenient meeting point for you is. Please let me know your suggestions here or on the FB page (https://www.facebook...94275914011066/) as soon as you can.
    Meeting time (not departure time) should be 09:30.
    Departure time, 10:00 from both locations
    Travelling time for both groups is about 1 hour

    Both groups will meet at Bang Saen (where the Bang Saen bike week is held every year) Please refer to the provided map (exact starting point to be finalized)
    from Pattaya:
    from Bangkok:

    Lunch at 12:00 at a restaurant near the meeting point. (not sure which restaurant at this moment...any suggestions?)

    A price for the most distinguished attire will be provided by me!

    More info will follow soon
    Please share, thank you

  12. nikster

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    Hipsters are invading Thailand... I suppose it was only a matter of time...

    Sounds like good fun :)
  13. jimbobs

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    Cant find a bowler hat,,,very annoying,,,suit looks good though,,,
  14. mezcal

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