The end of the road at the Khong

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  1. There is a point at the downstream end of the Khong river in Chiang Rai province, where the Thai border leaves the river, which I thought I'd check out.

    After Chiang Khong, you get on the 1155 and head SE until you get to Lai Ngao and take a small road turn off NE to Wiang Khaen and on further to Huai Luk and then to Gaeng Pa To.

    Gateway to Gaeng Pa To


    Turning left here takes you to the last boat crossing on the river



    Back to that fork and take the right turn, leads to this view. With the river low, the rocks are well exposed. Lets hope the greedy businessmen don't get their way and dynamite these rocks out. They are vital fish breeding areas, notably for the Pla Buk, giant catfish.


    The steep ridge coming down to the water is the Thai border. The French stopped here when they grabbed the west side of the river from Luang Prabang in the 1800s.


    You come out to an open area with restaurant and a line of salas. The ridge borderline is quite clear and extends south through Pu Chee Fah, about 40 klms further on.



    Looking back upriver.


    Going as far as you can, leads to the very end of the road. The tarmac just stops at the bottom of the ridge.


    Razorwire doesn't stop people climbing the ridge into Laos.....


    Looking back up river again.


    This is what it looks like on the map.


    Number 4 is the end of the road.


    The Gaeng Gorn Kham resort is back west a few klms. It looked a bit rundown. I don't suppose they get many visitors outside of New Year. They were building a new wooden bungalow though.


    This place is well worth a visit as it's a lovely spot, not seen at it's best in the haze.

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  2. Ian, the Beauty spot at the end of the road on the Thai/Laos Border is called Padai or something similar Locally.

    Huey Luk is quite interesting as it was /I guess still is a Lao Village which came under Thai Rule in the not so distant past. The lao boats stop there for gas or noodles before proceding to Huay Xai or down stream to Pak Beng or Luang prabang.
  3. Hi Lakota,

    Thank you. Yes, you're quite right. Sorry, my Thai reading is not as good as it should be. It is Pa Dai, but the area is called Gaeng Pa Dai (not Gaeng Pa To) which means a place of rocks in the river.
  4. Cool report! When were these pics taken? Still looks very smoky! >.<
  5. That's a beautiful triumph>>>>> I have a 1970 TR100 here in Phuket i brought over form Ca in 1998 and still running Ca plates..

    This is is on 1 above Big Sur


    and above Kamala Beach

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  6. Pics taken 30th March, yes, a smoky day. Much better up here now.
  7. Arh finally found my pix from a ride there in July 2011.

    The end of the road.

    Ron at the official gateway

    The delightful funky restaurant

    It's a beautiful spot & well worth the ride if you are ever out that way, plus you get to see some black Hmong villages in the area, of which there very few in North Thai (i think.)
  8. Looks like you went during rainy season with the river high like that, almost no rocks showing.

    That metal blue sign at the end of the road is still there, just lying down in the grass now.
  9. Hi phuketrichard,

    Your machine is a beauty too. Jacaranda purple and TLS front brake. '70 models, the best of the unit engine machines. Magic. I hope you are putting some miles on her down there. Seems like there aren't so many farangs riding classics in Thailand. They are such a joy and just ooze class.

    Best wishes

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