The future of the ER6n


Nov 21, 2010
Who is going to buy the ER6n's instead of a Versys? Well it are a bit of different kind of bikes .....

And maybe people like me who have short legs as the Versys is 6cm higher as the ER6n.
Bloody hell ... only 6cm!

Chang Noi


Dec 6, 2005
I'm with Chiangnoi...

The ER6 and Versys are two very different bikes styles of bikes...

A lot of potential Versys customers may have bought ER6s a year or two ago, or would have in the future, as the ER6 was the closest to what they want that was available, and will now change... So basically, you had people that were 90% happy to get an ER6... but you alot had people from who are 100% happy with an ER6, who would have only been 90% happy on a versys...

I reckon now some of the ER6 customers will migrate, (it might even seem alarming at first) but I think you will find the Versys will bring in customers of it's own, who might have stayed with an older bike (i.e. Africa Twin or Tennere), or relucantly bought a BMW, or might have desired a Versys style bike, but not been able to afford a BMW...

ER6N, ER6F, and Versys happily co-exist in the Australian market...



Jul 8, 2006
I agree, different bikes, different markets...

But the question remains, who, apart from those with short legs :lol: , is looking at buying a new ER6n now that the Versys is here?


Mar 11, 2008
craigschuler wrote: I agree, different bikes, different markets...

But the question remains, who, apart from those with short legs :lol: , is looking at buying a new ER6n now that the Versys is here?

Anyone after a bit more nimble smaller version ??

If I hadnt just found a road / sport machine when the Kwakers hit I would probably have ended up with an er6n.. And while I see the versys appeal, and actually want a dirtbike with plate for border crossing (so versys target market I guess) if I had to pick one bike of the two, for use within Thailand on road.. Would still be the ER6N..

Totally agree with you tho that sales of one will compromise the sales of the other.. But they obviously had done the hard miles in the homogelation and road reg / emissions issues, so more represents a variant than a truely new bike. at least in the costings for Kwaker to work through, lots of shared components.

Now whats Kwakers plans on the z1000 ?? That one I would like to know more about.. Looks a brute.

Ian Bungy

Sep 19, 2006
There is another Post somewhere in this Forum regarding the Z1000. Kawasaki and NOT going to Sell their All New ZX10 Superbike in Thailand instead replacing it in the line up here with the Z1000 !!! You get Your Wish LivinLOS ?


Nov 7, 2007
Kawasaki has been selling both bikes in various markets - just because they share the same engine doesn't mean they're the same, and, having ridden both bikes I have to say that the engine feels pretty much completely different thanks to a different setup. If you let me blind-test both bikes I'd never get the idea that that's the same engine! It's _that_ different.

The ER-6n is basically a Ninja 650 without the farings - a naked bike.

- Versys has more torque in lower revs
- ER-6n has more horse power
- ER-6n goes faster
- ER-6n is lower, Versys is higher
- Versys is more nimble (contrary to what you'd think)
- Versys is more expensive
- ER-6n looks better. It's stunning IMO.

There are many trade-offs - let's put it this way: The Versys is worse when it comes to horse power, looks, price, seat height - all reasons to want to buy the Er-6n ;) it's better for another variety of reasons of course but - different bikes.