The Godfarters original Den (Spelling correct)

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  1. Finally dug up some photos from circa 1986.


    This is the old TS125 is used to ride from Penang ,Sadao and to Had Yai. It had no key, to stop it you stuck it in gear held the brakes and stalled it, but very reliable.


    The "original " cafe (FL's bookshop) with the famous map, every trip was planned here and usually started after a breakfast.


    The godfather planning the take over of northern Thailand before maps.


    The MTX 125 2 stroke in its prime years, the FL couldn't handle the power and had to stick with a 4 stroke.


    A newly graded road great until it started to rain, still has the grade wheel marks .


    The original map.
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  2. Don’t recognize the rider – not Pat Pieri but with a beard?
  3. The Rock Tower I think. The beard is David Appleby (Apples).

    I find that we must have done more riding than taking pictures years ago. Someone must have some more hidden away somewhere.

    I have some from Cambodia , but that was only less than 10 years ago.
  4. A better snap of the original map & commie Laos character on the wall.

    And sure in those heady days of the late 80s & early-mid 90s all the good motorcycle trips & tours of North Thailand came out of the old "Library Service" book 'n breakfast shop.

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