The Golden Triangle on the Laos side.

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  1. Here are a few photos I took of the Golden Triangle on the Laos side. I think this area is a free economic zone, or something similar.

    You get the feeling that Chinese are in control here. Most writing is in Chinese.

    Looking across the Mekong river to the Golden Triangle budda in the Thailand.


    The flash, but cheap looking casino that seems be the centre point for the area.

    The Main entrance to the casino.

    The ceiling of the entrance. I rode through in style on the KLX, stopping to take a photo along the way.


    Cheap and nasty, what more can I say.


    There is a few big hotels.

    And there’s a lot more hotels under construction.

    You can see here that the place is a mess.

    There are shopping centres that only have Chinese writing.

    Some of the finished streets look ok…if you like the fake tropical look.

    You may have noticed this building when looking across the river from the Thai side. It looks very similar in architectural design to the Guggenheim museum in New York, but it is in fact an outdoor concert stadium.




    The KLX takes the stage.

  2. Nice write-up Rex !! Notice your bike being as clean as never before, not being onto dirttracks this time ? Just worried that in some years Laos will be another disctrict of China.......rgds, FR
  3. Nice one Rex..

    When I was up there on the Thai side a few weeks ago I was thinking it would be nice to be able to look at things a bit closer on the Lao side of the river.

    The hotel made Rex wash the bike before he was allowed to launch the KLX up the front steps and check her in...

  4. Brian, I think he himself was also included in this request ....... 555555
  5. Very good update Rex on DFL's report some years ago with pix of Bentley's and other flash cars to ferry the high-rollers around the very few kms of concrete laid.
    The absurdity of this Chinese gambling "island" was also written about in The Independent & reprinted in the BKK Post not too long ago.
    From your pix it doesn't look as though it is a thriving location. The concert arena is certainly not going to draw big names to play and it looks as though the jungle is gradually reclaiming it.
    Thanks for posting and I very much enjoyed meeting up with you at the border yesterday.
  6. Good write up Rex.
    I guess you went into the casino hoping to win a fortune so you could get your self a great new bike.
    Loved the picture of the Kawa taking the stage performing to an audience of no one hope you won at the casino.
  7. Probably a nice excurssion out of Houei Xai … to see the triangle from the gilded side :).

    I had once crossed a couple of dirt covered Mercedes 600, on the (then) unpaved road to Luang Namtha and wondered where they were heading to … then I got the explanation.

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