The Golden Triangle today as seen through French (reporters) eyes.

Rod Page

Jan 7, 2010
The Youtube video herewith contains reports covering Vang Vieng, Yet Serk's base up above Pang Mapha, the casino opposite Sop Ruak, tourists smoking opium in Thailand........

Its in French but the pictures tell the story quite clearly & its fairly easy going. Nothing new really but the pictures will be of interest to many - in my case although having been into Yet Serks camp I have never met the man himself so to see him interviewed was of interest. As a speaker of French I'm happy to assist if readers have any areas requiring clarification although it is well known to GTR readers that members such as Jurgen & Armin Shooch to name two are also fluent.

It was screened on French TV (M6) on 4th November, 2012.