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    The best GT Rider map so far.

    Covers: Chiang Mai - Fang - Tha Ton - Doi Mae Salong - Doi Tung - Mae Sai - Golden Triangle - Chiang Saen - Chiang Khong - Chiang Kham - Phayao - Chiang Mai. Perfect for 4-7 days touring around the Golden Triangle & top end of North Thailand.

    This map is a first for the Golden Triangle with

    The topography nicely shaded in to give the renowned best selling B&B North Thailand guide map a run for its money.
    However the colours in the GT Rider map are arguably more beautiful & carefully selected to make the map significantly clearer than the B&B map.

    9 city maps for all the main tourist towns on the Golden Triangle loop.
    1. Fang
    2. Tha Ton
    3. Doi Mae Salong
    4. Mae Sai
    5. Sop Ruak (Golden Triangle)
    6. Chiang Saen
    7. Chiang Khong
    8. Phayao
    9. Chiang Rai
    These city maps feature all important hotels / guesthouses / restaurants / temples / local attractions.


    1. Chiang Dao
    2. Huay Mae Sai
    3. Mae Ping
    4. Mae Sa
    5. Mae Tamann
    6. Ruam Mit

    1. Buathong
    2. Champathong
    3. Huai Klang Pla
    4. Huai Kon
    5. Huai Ma Hin Fon
    6. Huai Mae Sai
    7. Huai Meng
    8. Jaeson
    9. Mae Sa
    10. Mon Hin Lai
    11. Phong Pha Bat
    12. Pu Kaeng
    13. Pusang
    14. Tat Luang
    15. Tharn Thong
    16. Tharn Thong
    17. Wang Kaew

    1. Fang
    2. Huai Sai Kao
    3. Jaeson
    4. Mae Chan
    5. Mae Kachan
    6. Nong Khrok
    7. Pong Din

    1. Buddha
    2. Chiang Dao
    3. Mae Suai
    4. Muang Nga
    5. Luang
    6. Pha Ngam
    7. Pet
    8. Pla
    9. Pong Tham
    10. Tub Tao

    1. Chiang Dao NP
    2. Chiang Dao WS
    3. Doi Luang NP
    4. Doi Suthep - Pui NP
    5. Doi Wiang Pha NP
    6. Hua Mae Kham Forestry
    7. Jaeson NP
    8. Lum Nam Kok NP
    9. Khun Chae NP
    10. Mae Fang NP
    11. Mae Puem NP
    12. Mae Takrai NP
    13. Phayaprai Forestry
    14. Phu Nang NP
    15. Sri Lanna NP

    1. Analayao
    2. Chalerm Prakiet
    3. Chedi Anusorn
    4. Chedi Luang
    5. Doi Kham
    6. Doi Mae Pang
    7. Doi Nang Lae
    8. Doi Saket
    9. Doi Suthep
    10. Doi Tung
    11. Hua Kuan
    12. Huai Bong
    13. Jee Kong
    14. Lampoeng
    15. Muen Buddha
    16. Pa Ngao
    17. Phrao Jao Ton Luang
    18. Phu Khao
    19. Pong Pha Bat
    20. Rong Khun
    21. Santikhiri
    22. Tha Fa Tai
    23. Tha Ta Fa
    24. Tham Pa A Cha Thong
    25. Tha Ton

    1. Aeng Doi
    2. Anantara
    3. Ang Khang Nature Resort
    4. Baan Din Laguna
    5. Ban Ai
    6. Ban Krating
    7. Chaeson Hill
    8. Chalisa
    9. Charin Resort
    10. Chiang Dao Hill Resort
    11. Chiang Saen Lake Hill
    12. Chinda
    13. Deva Montra
    14. Do Doi Suay
    15. Doi Farang
    16. Doi Hom Fah
    17. Doi Saket Resort
    18. Fondcome
    19. Four Seasons
    20. Golden Pine
    21. Granary
    22. Green Lake
    23. Happy House
    24. Holiday Resort
    25. Horizon Village
    26. Huai Hin Fon
    27. Huay Khum
    28. Imperial
    29. Kang Hang
    30. Karen Lodge
    31. Khum Chao
    32. Laan Tong
    33. Labiang Chom Fah
    34. Lakehill Park
    35. Lanna Princess
    36. Lao Lee
    37. Log of Paradis
    38. Mae Chan Resort
    39. Mae Kham Villa
    40. Mae Yao Resort
    41. Malee Nature Lovers
    42. Marissa
    43. Mohn Mye Hom
    44. Mountain Lodge
    45. Mountain View
    46. Muang On Homestay
    47. My Dream
    48. Naga Hill
    49. Noks
    50. Oriental
    51. Pa Nam
    52. Phowadol
    53. Phu Chai Sai
    54. Phu Chi Fah Hill
    55. Phu Chi Fah Kun Ton
    56. Phu Chom Dao
    57. Phu Sawan
    58. Pun Luang
    59. Pupet
    60. Rainato
    61. Rai Phu Fa
    62. Rai Saeng Arun
    63. Rim Chan Resort
    64. Rim Doi
    65. Rim Taan
    66. Rom Fah Siam
    67. Roong Aroon
    68. Rom Yen
    69. Royal Ping Garden
    70. Ruan Plai Fah
    71. Ruen Mai Phai
    72. Ruan View
    73. Rujira
    74. Rung Tawan
    75. Season Nam Kon
    76. Sila Manee
    77. Suan Kaeo
    78. Suk Santi Lodge
    79. Taad Luang
    80. Tao Garden
    81. Tharn Tong
    82. Trekker Lodge
    83. Suan Thip Vana
    84. Wang Nam Yard
    85. Wang Tharn Resort

    The 85 up-country hotels, resorts / guesthouses, out of the cities, provide people with multiple options to spend their nights in traditional rural towns & villages, out of the urban environment.

    1. Cabbages & Condoms
    2. Charin Resort
    3. Coffee De River
    4. Mekong Balcony
    5. Nai Mai
    6. Palm House
    7. Rim Khong
    8. Rim Tang Miang
    9. Thai Kitchen
    10. THB
    11. Yoong Khao

    1. Akha Outreach
    2. Capt Jensen Memorial
    3. Chiang Rai Winery
    4. Chiang Saen Lake
    5. Doi Ang Khang
    6. Doi Chang Mup
    7. Doi Chiang Dao
    8. Doi Langka
    9. Doi Luang
    10. Doi Mae Salong
    11. Doi Mod
    12. Doi Phahompok
    13. Doi Pha Ngam
    14. Doi Pha Mon
    15. Doi Phaya Pitak
    16. Doi Tung Royal Palace
    17. Don Xao Lao Island
    18. Fisheries Research Station
    19. Golden Triangle
    20. Hall Of Opium
    21. Huay Hong Khrai
    22. Huay Sak Dam
    23. Huay Thung Tao
    24. Khun Huai Khok
    25. Khun Nam Nang Ngon
    26. Khun Sa Museum
    27. Lahu Museum
    28. Mae Fah Luang Garden
    29. Mae Fah Luang University
    30. Mae Cho University
    31. Mae Kuang Dam
    32. Mae Mao Dam
    33. Mae Ngat Dam
    34. Mae Puem Dam
    35. Nam Lu Spring
    36. Nong Hang Lake
    37. Nong Leng Sai Lake
    38. Nong Luang Lake
    39. Opium Museum
    40. Pha Daeng Camp
    41. Phayao Lake
    42. Phu Chi Fah
    43. Pratu Siam
    44. Prem Centre
    45. Rak Akha
    46. Rajabhat CR
    47. Raming Tea
    48. Sao Hin Lake
    49. Speedway Chiang Mai
    50. Thai Lue Museum
    51. Tiger Park
    52. X-Centre

    1. Chiang Mai Highland
    2. Chiang Mai Lamphun
    3. Gassan
    4. Green Valley
    5. Lanna
    6. Royal Chiang Mai
    7. Santiburi
    8. Waterford

    Profiles of the GT's greatest steepest winding motorcycling roads! These profiles are an absolute winner for cyclists pedaling the Golden Triangle.
    1. Route 1340 Arunothai – Doi Ang Khang road
    2. Route 1249 The Doi Ang Khang roadf
    3. R1130 & R1234 The Doi Mae Salong road
    4. R3051 & R4032 Akha Sam Yaek – Thoed Thai Mae Moh road
    5. R1334 The Thoed Thai –Doi Tung road
    6. R1093 The Phu Chu Fah road

    The map is available in both paper & plastic versions.
    The paper map retails for 150 baht & the plastic map for 250 baht

    Previously the best maps for the top North were
    1. The Hongsombud Chiang Rai province map. But this no longer available. Accurate but without any topography the Hongsombud map only covered Chiang Rai province, so was useless once you crossed the provincial border & went to Chiang Mai or Phayao.
    2. The Berndston & Berndston North Thailand, also drawn by David Unkovich in 1997. The was first real accurate guide map to North Thailand, but the only city maps were Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai & Mae Hong Son. Also because of the scale / size of the map it was impossible to include all the fine detail & data that the GT Rider Golden Triangle map has.
  2. Updated list of shops in Chiang Rai.

    For anyone planning a bike ride around the Top NOrth" this map is a must for planning & getting an idea of the layout of the land & loop options. Don't just rely on a GPS.
  3. Dfl - when you mention the maps it may to some appear as if you're simply pushing them. Having travelled with you many times I know that's not the case.

    As someone who has ridden many kilometres, indeed throughout the whole of Thailand, Laos & Vietnam, & documented many of my adventures on this forum I feel compelled to add my bit in saying that I found the GTR map an indispensable part of my travelling equipment, something I prefer to GPS but an invaluable partner in any case.

    I found the maps gave me a global feel for the various country road configurations, topographical & points of interest information that assisted me greatly both when planning & whilst undertaking trips. Often I still consult my GTR maps when reading the reports of others.

    Long live the map!
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  4. I agree. Paper maps still play a very imortant role and should be taken on every trip if available, especially off-road adventures. This is taken from an article on Off-Road Safety Tips: Paper Maps: Always bring paper maps of the area you are traveling, even if you have a GPS. Paper maps make it easier to plan a new route when something unexpected happens and it’s good to have a backup if your GPS breaks.

    You can rerad the full article here:
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  5. Agree....paper maps give you more of an idea of where you are in relation to where you want to be.

    Unless you leave your map on the table in a coffee shop........sigh......

    I'll pick up another one for the Nan area next week.......
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  6. Didn't realise GT Rider maps had become so fashionable that they are now considered coffee shop table literature!
  7. Hi, I've been traipsing around Chiang Mai trying to buy a copy of this, as our set of maps we bought 3 years ago is in storage in the UK (I know!). We want to spend some more time up in the Golden Triangle as it was our favourite part of the touring we did last time. No one seems to have a copy (we've tried 5 or 6 places so far), and one guy told us it's out of print as it's being updated. So, does anyone have a copy we could beg, borrow or buy, please? We're hoping to leave CNX on Wednesday and would be happy to pick it up from anywhere reasonably local, or meet up somewhere. Thanks!
  8. Sorry Sarah you will be lucky to find one.

    BTW the new map should be at the printers in the queue at end of this week / early next week all being well.
  9. Thanks for your reply David, but unfortunately that'll be too late for us - we've only got a couple of weeks up here this time round, and we've already delayed leaving CNX by longer than we'd originally planned. Hoping that someone out there has one we can buy or borrow - would be happy to leave a deposit for a loaner, or buy a 2nd hand one as long as it's in reasonable nick. We did ask to buy the one on the wall in the Kafe the other day, but she wasn't selling! Failing that we'll be back to Google maps and on the phone, which just isn't quite the same as a map in hand...
  10. Sarahj,

    I have a spare copy which you can have. I'll be at Eagle GPS (2nd. Floor in Panthip Plaza which is at the corner of Chang Khlan Rd. with Si Don Chai Rd.) around 10 -10.30 to deliver GPS maps and can give it to you there or leave it there for you to pick up.
  11. Javawa, you are a star, thank you! Only just seen your message though, as we slept in this morning, so are clearly not at Eagle GPS for 10-10:30. If you could leave it there we'll pick it up later, and we owe you a beer/coffee/beverage of your choice if we ever do manage to meet up - we are heading over there now in case you're still there :)
  12. Printing starts on Monday 1st December 2015 for the new map.


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  13. Fab, we shall buy a new one next time we make it over to Thailand, David.

    Many thanks for the loan Javawa, have made good use of it to reacquaint ourselves with some of the fab roads around the NW and along the Burmese border (as far as they would let us ride, anyway!) - we never tire of the views up there. Will drop it back to Eagle GPS today. Just wish we were staying longer, but such is life... next time :)
  14. OK, good to hear that it helped. As fas as I know Eagle GPS will be closed on Saturday and Sunday for stocktaking so just hang on to the map till the next time.
  15. The new 2016 GTR Golden Triangle guide map is now available for sale

    The 2nd edition GTR GT map has the following info

    • 66 identified highlights of the Golden Triangle Loop
    • 12 City / Environs maps
    • 10 road elevation profiles of the GT’s most exciting roads
    • 18 scenic mountains
    • 12 National Parks
    • 6 elephant camps
    • 46 Temples
    • 79 resorts / hotels
    • 36 other places of interest
    • 20 up country restaurants – coffee shops
    • 7 hot springs
    • 11 golf courses
    • 12 caves
    • 900 villages
    • 38 amphurs – districts

    The price is 300 baht.

    Today available from these GTR advertisers

    • CP Motorcycle
    • Mr Mechanic
    • The Kafe

    more coming as stock becomes available

    GTR-2015-GT-Map. 2016 GTR Golden Triangle Map


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  16. The 2016 GTR GT Map has this info

    [list type=decimal]
    [*]Tha Ton
    [*]Doi Mae Salong
    [*]Thoed Thai
    [*]Mae Sai downtown
    [*]Mae Sai greater
    [*]Sob Ruak – Golden Triangle
    [*]Chiang Saen
    [*]Chiang Khong
    [*]Chiang Rai
    [*]Chiang Rai Environs
    [/list type=decimal]
    [list type=decimal]
    [*]Route 1340 Arunothai – Doi Ang Khang road
    [*]Route 1249 The Doi Ang Khang road.
    [*]R1130 & R1234 The Doi Mae Salong road.
    [*]R3051 & R4032 Akha Sam Yaek – Thoed Thai Mae Moh road.
    [*]R1334 The Thoed Thai –Doi Tung road.
    [*]R1093 The Phu Chi Fah road from R1155
    [*]R4018 Phaya Phipka – The Big Dipper
    [*]R1155 from Tha Charoen – R1021
    [*]R1093 Pang Hat – Pha Tang – Chiang Kham
    [*]R1252 the Jaseon road from R118 – 1035
    [/list type=decimal]
    [list type=decimal]
    [*]Doi Ang Khang
    [*]Doi Chang
    [*]Doi Chiang Dao
    [*]Doi Langkha
    [*]Doi Mae Salong
    [*]Doi Mod
    [*]Doi Nork
    [*]Doi Pha Mon
    [*]Doi Pha Ngom
    [*]Doi Pha Tang
    [*]Doi Phahompok
    [*]Doi Phaya Phipak
    [*]Doi Tung
    [*]Doi Wiang Pha
    [*]Hua Mae Kham
    [*]Phayaprai Forest Park
    [*]Phu Chi Fah
    [*]Pratu Siam
    [/list type=decimal]
    [list type=decimal]
    [*]Chiang Dao
    [*]Huay Mae Sai
    [*]Mae Ping
    [*]Mae Sa
    [*]Mae Tamann
    [*]Ruam Mit
    [/list type=decimal]
    [list type=decimal]
    [*]Fang Hot Springs
    [*]Huai Sai Kao
    [*]Mae Kachan
    [*]Mai Nong Bua
    [*]Nong Khrok
    [*]Pong Din
    [/list type=decimal]
    [list type=decimal]
    [*]Chiang Saen Lake
    [*]Huai Sak
    [*]Huai Tung Thao
    [*]Khun Nam Nang Ngon
    [*]Mae Kuang Dam
    [*]Mae Mao Dam
    [*]Mae Ngat Dam
    [*]Mae Puem Dam
    [*]Nong Hang
    [*]Nong Leng Sai
    [*]Nong Luang
    [*]Nong Luang
    [*]Sao Hin Lake
    [/list type=decimal]

    [list type=decimal]
    [*]Huai Klang Pla
    [*]Huai Kon
    [*]Huai Ma Hin Fon
    [*]Huai Mae Sai
    [*]Huai Meng
    [*]Mae Sa
    [*]Mon Hin Lai
    [*]Nam Lu
    [*]Pong Pa Fuang
    [*]Pong Pha Bat
    [*]Pu Kaeng
    [*]Tat Luang
    [*]Tharn Thong
    [*]Tharn Tong
    [*]Wang Kaew
    [/list type=decimal]

    [list type=decimal]
    [*]Chiang Mai Highland
    [*]Chiang Mai Lamphun
    [*]Green Valley
    [*]Happy City
    [*]Mae Cho
    [*]North Hill
    [*]Royal Chiang Mai
    [/list type=decimal]

    [list type=decimal]
    [*]Buddha Cave
    [*]Chiang Dao
    [*]Mae Suai
    [*]Muang Nga
    [*]Muang On
    [*]Pha Lae
    [*]Pha Ngam
    [*]Pong Tham
    [*]Tham Pla
    [*]Tub Tao
    [/list type=decimal]
    [list type=decimal]
    [*]Chiang Dao NP
    [*]Chiang Dao WS
    [*]Doi Luang NP
    [*]Doi Suthep – Pui NP
    [*]Doi Wiang Pha NP
    [*]Hua Mae Kham Forestry
    [*]Jaeson NP
    [*]Khun Chae NP
    [*]Lum Nam Kok NP
    [*]Mae Fang NP
    [*]Mae Puem NP
    [*]Mae Takrai NP
    [*]Phayaprai Forestry
    [*]Phu Nang NP
    [*]Sri Lanna NP
    [/list type=decimal]
    [list type=decimal]
    [*]Ban Den
    [*]Chalerm Phrakiat
    [*]Chalerm Phrakiat
    [*]Chedi Anusorn
    [*]Chedi Luang
    [*]Doi Kham
    [*]Doi Mae Pang
    [*]Doi Nang Lae
    [*]Doi Saket
    [*]Doi Suthep
    [*]Doi Tung
    [*]Giant Bronze Buddha
    [*]Hua Kuan
    [*]Huai Bong
    [*]Huay Pla Kang
    [*]Jee Kong
    [*]Mai Chedi
    [*]Muen Buddha
    [*]Pa Ngao
    [*]Pha Mai Daeng
    [*]Phra Jao
    [*]Phra That Ya Mon
    [*]Pong Pha Bat
    [*]Pra Nang Din
    [*]Pu Khao
    [*]Rong Khun
    [*]Sai Khao
    [*]San Jao
    [*]Sang Kaew Photiyan
    [*]Si Ping Muang
    [*]Sri Lom Yen
    [*]Sri Muang Meuang
    [*]Tha Fa Tai
    [*]Tha Ton
    [*]Tham Pa A Cha Thong
    [*]Thep Nimit
    [*]Thung Dok
    [*]Ton Kwain
    [*]Ton Luang
    [*]Wiang Wai
    [/list type=decimal]
    [list type=decimal]
    [*]Akha Outreach
    [*]Ban Chang Nak
    [*]Big Dipper
    [*]Capt Jensen Memorial
    [*]Chiang Mai International
    [*]Chiang Rai International
    [*]Chiang Rai Winery
    [*]Chinese Soldiers Museum
    [*]Doi Tung Royal Palace
    [*]Erotic Garden
    [*]Fisheries Research
    [*]Hall of Opium
    [*]Handicraft Ctr
    [*]Huay Hong Khrai
    [*]Huay Kwan Memorial
    [*]Khun Sa Museum
    [*]Lahu Museum
    [*]Huak Lao Market 10-20-30[sup]th[/sup] Monthly
    [*]Chambon Lao Market Wednesday
    [*]Lue Lai Kham Muesum
    [*]Lue Weaving
    [*]Mae Cho Uni
    [*]Mae Fa Luang University
    [*]Mae Lao Raceway
    [*]Motorcycle Bridge
    [*]Opium Museum
    [*]Petroleum Muesum
    [*]Phayao Uni
    [*]Prem Centre
    [*]Rajabhat CRU
    [*]Rak Akha
    [*]Sky Adventure
    [*]Teak Tree Buddha
    [*]Wana Ostrich
    [*]Wiang Lo Ruins
    [/list type=decimal]
    [list type=decimal]
    [*]Charin Resort
    [*]Cabbages & Condoms
    [*]Coffee Terminal
    [*]Doi Kham
    [*]Him Doi
    [*]Khrua 55
    [*]Mai Nai Suan
    [*]Mountain View
    [*]Naka’s Kiosken
    [*]Panorama Coffee
    [*]Phu Patchanpha
    [*]Pun Pun
    [*]Rim Khong
    [*]Rim Tang Miang
    [*]Thai Kitchen
    [*]The View
    [*]Train Coffee
    [*]Yoong Khao
    [/list type=decimal]
    [list type=decimal]
    [*]Aeng Doi
    [*]Ang Khang Nature Resort
    [*]Baan Din Laguna
    [*]Ban Ai
    [*]Chaeson Hill
    [*]Chiang Dao Hill Resort
    [*]Da River
    [*]Deva Montra
    [*]Do Doi Suay
    [*]Doi Farang Bungalows
    [*]Doi Hom Fah
    [*]Four Seasons
    [*]Golden Pine
    [*]Green Lake
    [*]Happy House
    [*]Holiday Resort
    [*]Horizon Village
    [*]Hot Spring Resort
    [*]Huai Hin Fon Garden
    [*]Huay Khum
    [*]Karen Lodge
    [*]Khum Chao
    [*]Labiang Chom Fa
    [*]Lanna Princess
    [*]Lao Lee
    [*]Log of Paradis
    [*]Mae Chan
    [*]Mae Kham Villa
    [*]Mae Yao
    [*]Malee Nature Lovers
    [*]Mohn Mye Hom
    [*]Mountain View
    [*]Muang On Homestay
    [*]My Dream
    [*]Naga Hill
    [*]Pa Nam
    [*]Phu Chai Sai
    [*]Phu Chi Aree
    [*]Phu Chi Fah Khun Ton
    [*]Phu Chom Dao
    [*]Phu Sawan
    [*]Pun Luang
    [*]Rai Phu Fa
    [*]Rai Saeng Arun
    [*]Rim Chan
    [*]Rim Doy
    [*]Rim Taan
    [*]Rom Fah Siam
    [*]Roong Aroon
    [*]Royal Ping Garden Resort
    [*]Ruan Plai Fah
    [*]Ruan View
    [*]Ruen Mai Phai
    [*]Rung Tawan
    [*]Sila Manee
    [*]Suan Thip Vana
    [*]Suk Santi
    [*]Taad Luang
    [*]Tao Garden
    [*]Tham Ngop Inn
    [*]Tharn Thong
    [*]Trekker Lodge
    [*]Viang Yonok
    [*]Wang Nam Yard
    [*]Wang Tharn
    [*]Wassana Raiya
    [/list type=decimal]
    [list type=decimal]
    [*]Choui Fong Tea
    [*]Choui Fong Tea
    [*]Don Xao Lao Island
    [*]Golden Triangle
    [*]Kad Muang Phi
    [*]Khun Huai Khok
    [*]Mae Fah Luang Garden
    [*]Nang Non
    [*]Night Safari
    [*]Rai Boonrawd
    [*]Raming Tea
    [*]Teacher’s Tea
    [*]Tiger Park
    [/list type=decimal]
    Loadsa info to help you find your way around the GT

    Buy online here

    Buy hard copy from theses shops
  17. With more stock now available, the map is now on sale

    In Chiang Mai
    Tony Big Bikes
    Bookzone on Thapae Road
    Books Corner on Thapae Road
    Backstreet Books
    The Lost Bookstore
    On The Road Books

    In Chiang Rai at
    Chiang Rai Saddlebags
    ST Motorcycle Hire
    Chiang Rai Big Bikes
    Orn Books
    Yod Doi Coffee

    In Chiang Saen available from Viang Yonok Resort

    In Doi Mae Salong available from Sweet Mae Salong & Shin Sane guestghouse

    In Tha Ton available from Apples Guesthouse

    In Phrao at Doi Farang Bungalows

    more coming
  18. Available in Mae Rim from
    • X-Centre
    • Nics Rental in Mae Rim Plaza
    • Ban salad / Chez Philippe's in Mae Rim Plaza
    In Pai from
    • Siam Used Books
    In Chiang Rai also from Lanna Souvenir by the night bazaar.
  19. B7F85FAB-6238-4D97-84BF-CEBB4831FEC2. All you need for a fabulous tour of the north....apart from a good bike of course!
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  20. That's quite a collection; especially the The Motorcycle Guide To The Golden Triangle.A bit of a collectors item nowadays.
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  21. Thanks. I like doing the research too, David.
    The GTR Motorcycle Guide is still useful too. I actually still have the older mini booklet somewhere from my first adventures, back in the MTX125 days..!

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