The GT Rider North Thailand GPS Map

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  1. Coming soon, the GT Rider North Thailand GPS Map.

    Available exclusively to GT Rider forum members who have contributed Road & Trip Reports with photos. (No lurkers or free loaders looking to scam the GT Rider map!)

    Apologies to those riders wanting to come & ride first up with the GT Rider GPS map.

    Come & ride, contribute a Road & Trip Report with photos (so we know it's for real) & you will be eligible to download & buy the GT Rider GPS map.

    Should be one or two months away, once we have fully researched & tested the system.
  2. Man that sounds great. The FAQ's indicate that pictures must be linked from a public web site. Is that still the case or do you have the facilities to upload direct from a computer yet. (I don't have a web site). I would love to post some photo's to add to my trip notes post of the 10 days we spent in your part of the World last November, but figured you guys had seen all the scenery anyway. I used the Garmin Thailand maps on my Zumo 550 for the trip and was pleased how accurate the maps were for the roads we travelled.[/img]
  3. Guys, just a quick test of loading photos.

    The bikes arriving


    The local riding gear

    The bikes parked at the Thaepae Guest House where we stayed.

  4. Any update on this? Would be great to have right now!
  5. Any update on this? Would be great to have right now!
    Still "working" on it, but first have to get 4th edition of the Laos map printed, next week.
    Then complete the deal on the GT Rider Laos GPS map - next month April.
    Then start work on the 4th edition of the Mae Hong Son Loop map.
    Then set up the GT Rider North Thai GPS map.
    Don't hold your breath now.
  6. hello
    have you any information about the avaibility date of this gps map
    Best regards
    Christian :D
  7. Little help with pictures uploading. ;)
    You can use free web service like
    Just register and immediately you can upload your pictures. Later, in the forums click "Img" (while replaying) and insert the image_url from flickr.
  8. Mauris,

    Thanks for the reply. I did some research after my query, and used photobucket to upload the photos for my next post. Tried flickr, but found photobucket an easier product to use.
  9. No problem at all. I am glad that you found solution.
    Did you already post some trip reports on GT-Rider? ;)
  10. Yes, "10 Days in the GT" on the 27th November '08 in the 'Road and Trip Reports, North Thailand'. No photo's with that, but the 3 photo's in this thread are mine, as well as some dotted through various parts of the Forum.

    I brought 5 others with me last time, and starting to prepare for my next trip in Nov '10. There will probably be 10 of us on that trip.
  11. Gotta say that I'm more a fan of than of photobucket. Imageshack is nice because you don't have to have an account cluttered with all the pics you've posted on forums. You can just upload the pic anonymously, get the code and forget about it. Good for forums. For pics I want to keep I put on my picasa web album.
  12. I can't wait until the GPS maps are ready, way to go Dave that is awesome. Just got installed the ESRI v9 maps but they're nothing cpompared to your printed maps. I take it the maps will work on Garmin 60Cx...

    Liam that is a very good tip with imageshack it's perfect for use on forums.
  13. I will be heading out from Chiang Mai next week largely exploring the area, and will be guided by comments & suggestion from this Forum.
    Would it be of any use to anyone if I logged as many of the guesthouses & restaurants as waypoints on my Zumo as I pass them.
    If so, any preference to where the co-ordinates are most useful... ie. the road/track/drive leading to, or the actual "front door", of the establishment.
    Rgds Russ.
  14. @david
    Where can i buy it?
    I not see it in the store.
  15. Helbob
    The map is still in the works, but awfully close.
    this is exactly what I have been hoping for! I'm also picasa fan and would no go through the trouble of uploading to another photo site.

  17. The Laos GPS map is out already for a few month and available through Eagle GPS in Chiangmai.

    The North Thailand GPS map is not yet ready as I am to busy with my job but hopefully will be available from Eagle GPS in about 2 weeks or so.
  18. Congratulations, David.

    question which may be of interest to many=

    Assume you got the Esri whole Thailand map on your Garmin, can you run both or do you have to change the chip?
    How to combine the two?

    I love back roads but can't ride with my vehicle over longer stretches the fully washed out ones.

    Is there in indicator for road quality? ( I know, an almost stupid question because road conditions can change in no time here).
  19. oh, one more issue, David=

    I assume because the map is now on out right sale through EagleGPS the precondition of having to submit a visualized trip report has been waved, correct?
  20. Depends on the GPS you have. For the older units including the 60 and 76 CX/CSX and some of the Etrex units you can either have 2 chips or have both maps on 1 chip but then you will have to combine both maps into one gmapsupp.img. Most of the Nuvi's can have different maps using different names like gmapsupp.img, gmapprom.img etc. with the option of having them in internal memory and/or on the chip. The newest units like the Nuvi 1360/1460/Oregon and a few others can load each map separately using any name either on the chip or in internal memory.

    However, in all cases you can only look at one map at the time so you will have to "switch" off either the ESRI map to look at the North Thailand map or the other way round. In theory it is possible to have both maps visible at the same time but that implies that I have to make the North Thailand map transparent and make sure that this map is always on top of the ESRI map so that the ESRI map is visible in the background. In practice I prefer not to do that as that can lead to other problems like the Base map showing through, etc.

    There is an indicator for roads being paved, unpaved road or single trail. However within the different categories there is no distinction between the quality as it is almost impossible to keep up with the conditions of the unpaved roads and trails over time.
  21. Yes.
  22. Hi,
    some questions:
    -Is it possible to use the North Thailand map on a Garmin Oregon 200 and on nüvi?
    -How to use, only put the micro sd card in the slot and then can see the map?

  23. Yes, both the Nuvi and the Oregon can have the North Thailand map on the SD card while the Thailand ESRI map can be in internal memory howewver, you will not be able to seen them both at the same time as the maps are not transparent.

    You can switch between maps by going to Settings (Nuvi and then to Map/map Info where you can tick/untick the maps. Don't know the Oregon 200 but I assume you can go the Setup Map in the Main Menu and then tick/untick the maps.
  24. I'm using a Garmin 60CSx and am in the habit of planning out my routes on a PC using the Mapsource software and then transferring them over to the 60CSx. Can the gt-rider GPS maps be used in Mapsource?

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