The healing powers of a hot spring (pool) in Quang Hanh


Aug 31, 2009
When you are passing through Quang Nanh (between Halong and Cam Pha), you should go to this pool. The water is warm and there are few better things after a long ride to soothe aching muscles. High in minerals (they sell diluted water which is still very high in sodium as "Quang Hanh" sparkling water), the water is good.

One day, I wanted to try a massage. Near the 2 pools was a massage parlor. The price was 100,000 Dong. A bathtub was filled with water, then the masseuse came in. She started scratching my back with her fingernails, then grabbed be between the legs. Rough stuff. Quite unpleasant.

I suggested she get naked and join me in the bathtub (no more of this touching, please). That she didn't want.

Had to get onto a table where she kept "massaging" me.  Lost count, but she wouldn't stop grabbing me down there. // She showed me a banknote for which she would provide further services. // She finally stopped and turned to boxing and walking on me.

I came with 2 friends, both Vietnamese. A student and a teacher. They had an entirely different experience. Now I'm wondering if there are different kinds of massage parlors in Vietnam? Or do they offer different types of services? Just wondering if this was a freakish experience.