The Importance of Riding Staggered

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Ben Kemp
Staff member
May 26, 2007
It amazes me how few people understand the importance of NOT riding one behind the other on the highway (or anywhere other than a single track, for that matter!). Even riding in pairs, ALWAYS ride off-set to the other rider so that;
- if the lead rider brakes suddenly, you won't tail-end him/her
- oncoming vehicles see two bikes taking up the lane and are less likely to overtake into your lane

Its possible to ride slightly closer together if you're off-set correctly, and still remain safe. Projecting an image of two big bikes close together and probably moving fast makes you safer from head-on collisions, I think. Image is everything! :D

Without question, headlights must be turned on at all times!

The lead rider is always in the most danger, and should position him/herself to the right. When Ann and I are riding together, I'm in front, 1 metre left of the centreline (or 1 metre left of the right lane), and she rides in the centre of the left lane, 20 metres behind.

Your comments are welcome, what do you think? :?:


Sep 4, 2007
Absolutely spot on Ben. Applies to following anything really, always allow your self forward vision ahead by postioning to one side or the other.
I agree the lead rider is more exposed, but both need to keep an eye on the mirror for vehicles coming up behind and wanting to pass.

May I raise the matter of lane discipline. On dual carriageways,wether alone or if leading a group, I generally use the LH lane as much as I can, but I notice that some groups seem to think that they have the right to stay in the RH Lane wether overtaking or not. This often leads to cars wanting to overtake on the inside, some of the group, give way, some do not, can be a mess and aggravating to faster car drivers.

Staggered, yes definately, but staggered in one lane and to me should be the left hand lane, unless overtaking or turning right, and the whole group should try and follow and stay in the same lane.
I do not refer here to the narrow bike lanes, which can be useful now and then, but not for a group to travel in, I talk about 2 or more lanes going in the same direction.