The Khun Yuam - Mae Surin Refugee Camp fire

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  1. As many of you know there was a terrible fire in a refugee camp west of Khun Yuam.
    36 people died on site in the camp fire.

    There are many disturbing images on the net & on facebook.
    I wont copy other peoples images & post them here.
    But you can take a look here at some photo sites on FB.

    1. Tui from Yont Guesthouse & store in Khun Yuam.

    2. Karenni Further studies

    3. Piyavit Thongs-ard
    Piyavit was the first outside photographer on the scene arriving at first light from Chiang Mai after an all night drive, & is a professional freelance photographer of many years.

    4. Mr Forever Eterntiy


    6. Bangkok Post

    There are many places to donate goods / money.
    In Mae Hong Son at the Government Sala Klang offices & the Living Museum.

    The Living Museum in Mae Hong Son



    A MHS Nurse registering her donation at the MHS Living Museum




    The official MHS government Sala Klang offices collection point


    The official MHS Govt Bank account to donate money to

    @ Krung Thai Bank

    Nang at the Salween Restaurant in MHS was also collecting goods & money


    In Khun Yuam the collection point is the Khun Yuam district office


    Bottling drinking water at Khun Yuam


    Want to help?
    Donation suggestions from the Bangkok Post


    I personally donated via Paypal to WEAVE as soon as I heard the emergency call.
    Weave is an NGO that has been working with the refugees in MHS for years & has a very good reputation.

    You can donate to WEAVE via Paypal @ [email protected]

    Another bigger overall consortium is The Border Consortium

    You can donate to TBC here

    There is a mountain of material donations out there in Khun Yuam & my guess is that building new shelters / houses & a water supply is the first priority.
    Then they have to sort out the material donations.
    What do they need next - whom knows.
    I saw score scores of private pick ups heading out to Khun Yuam to leave goods.
    The generosity & compassion from the MHS people was fantastic.

    I got the impression they're swamped with stuff right now & cant handle all the physical donations at the moment.
    Cash donations to some of the NGOs to let them source what they need is the way to go right now I think.

    My personal recommendation is WEAVE using Paypal.

    [email protected]

    Make your donation noting that it is to help the victims of the Karenni Refugee Camp fire.
    If you want to mention from GT Rider, say the donation is from a friend of GT Rider, up to you.
    This I believe is much easier than slowly collection money / goods from GTR , then handing it over. Let the NGO's work as quickly , efficiently as possible.

    A couple of disturbing Bkk Post Reports to follow

    this was the big rumour when I was in Khun Yuam & is a scary thought indeed, that is best not debated / commented on in a public domain.

    You all take care now.

    But if you've ever ridden the MHS Loop & enjoyed the people & perhaps even visited a refuge camp out there; spare some thoughts & a little money to help these victims on the terrible tragedy.
    Please help them.
  2. Bless you David for having the tact to not post graphic pictures of the victims of this terrible tragedy.

    I've always been struck by how kind and welcoming the stateless Karen refugees are towards outsiders.

    Thank you for letting us know how best we can help. It is heartwarming to see the outpouring of support, what the Thais call "Naam Jai".

    I'd heard some disturbing rumors that Thai's didn't care about this tragedy because the victims are not Thai. I'm relieved to see that that is just a bunch of nonsense.
  3. Indeed they will need clothes & many items.
    There are bags of unlabelled clothes & items in MHS & KY waiting to be sorted, but my gut feeling was help with money & let the NGOs do their work systematically.
  4. From today's Nation March 28

    Monetary donations is the way to go folks; & every little donation will help for the long term.

  5. A message from WEAVE if you don't want to donate cash.

    I hope this helps facilitate the relief & your kind donations.
  6. Well done Marcel, let's hope the little guy pulls through.
  7. One year has gone.

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