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    Very surpised at the Klx 250 i bought .it was second hand and has done nearly 7000 kms.
    The previous owner haws changed the front sproket for more high end speed .but i done the clutch the thingy with the wire and the back wheel spins in 1st and second.
    Should i put the origional back on or should i change to a 13.....i want the front to lift.
    I am now in haui thap tan on my versys ..had a great 3 hr really is made for thailand.
    Had a few scarey moments as ny buddy lives in an isolated spot gravel and the versys do not mix..OR MAYBE MY LACK OF SKILL..
    Cannot upload pics because i am stupid .....please advise...
    Love the KLX tho.its a mash and potato kind of bike...
    PS need some riding buddies..ime quite popular in liverpool ha ha
    Safe riding lads
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