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Discussion in 'Laos Road Trip Reports' started by s3it, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. s3it

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    Just returned (210411) from trying to get across to Laos fra Thailand, was told that motorcycles can not cross borders.
    this was Mugdahan 'Thailand. Was told that if MC is put on pick up it is possibele, but how to, papers cost no one could answer. Seems to be thailand with strickt visa rules after April tihis year2011l
    If any one know ( have succeded after april 2011) I would like to hear what to do. I would like to go to Vietnam and Cambodia too. Cambodi is out of the question, becourse of the war, but crossing from Laos to cambodia should be a possibility.
    Ian Honda AX-1
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  3. DavidFL

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    The Friendship bridge crossing at Mukdahan / Savannaket has always been a no go.
    Motorcycles generally (although there are occassionally exceptions) cannot enter Laos across the Friendship Bridges.

    There is good border crossing info on the main GT Rider website at

    The Thai - Laos border crossings are
    1. Chiang Khong (T) / Huay Sai (L). Motor vehicles working days Mon - Frid only.
    2. Huay Kon (T) / Muang Ngern (L)
    3. Thai Li (T) / Nam Hueng (L)
    4. Nong Khai (T) / Friendship Bridge, Vientiane (L). (Friendship bridge = sometimes no entry to Laos. Exit ok)
    5. Bung Kan (T) / Pakxan (L). Motorbikes working days Mon - Frid only.
    6. Mukdahan (T) / Savannakhet (L) (Friendship Bridge = sometimes no entry to Laos. Exit ok)
    7. Nakhon Phanom (T) / Tha Khek (L). Motorbikes working days Mon - Frid only.
    8. Chong Mek (T) / Vang Tao, Pakse (L)

    Note crossing the Mekong: where there is no bridge & you need to use a ferry you can only cross on regular working days. The land & bridge crossings are open 7 days a week.

    For Thai / Laos border crossings take a look here

    I rode into Laos at Chong Mek / Vang Tao on the 29th Jan 2001.
    I was accompanied by Alex, from Contact Travel in Chiang Mai, on his KLX250. Alex's case was a bit tricky, as he was riding his bike out of Thailand & into Laos, with someone else (The Snail) riding the bike back out of Laos & into Thailand using different border crossings. With a signed document from Alex authorizing The Snail to ride the bike back there was no problem at any of the border crossings.

    I hope this is a help.
  4. s3it

    s3it Member

    Thank you for the info, it would be nice if dates was on the info, as was told that new rule from thailand was in order from april 2011. So history is interesting but not of much help.
    I thank you for you info.

  5. Phantom200

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    I crossed the friendship bridge at Mukdahan (Laos to Thailand) on the 13th of April on my Phantom. It took THREE long hours of negotiation with the Laos officials. My bargaining chip was the Thailand customs form. They entered Mukdahan for my point of disemmarkment upon entering Laos at Chong Mek. I basically sat in their office and refused to leave. Then, with a promise to never cross there again, they let me cross the bridge.

    At the Thai side they looked at me throughly confused and tried to send me back the way I came. It wasn't nearly as much work but I got through. I don't plan to try it again.

  6. davkov

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    just came from 2 weeks of trip around Cambodia on Honda 250xr. No problem at all, nothing to do with the war.It takes place in the northern border so dont get close to.We were ther 4 days before it all began. All the other parts are GREET.
  7. boanerges

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    Admitted it was early this year, but did Malaysia-Thai-Laos-Cambodia-Thai-Malaysia no problems at all. My suggestion photocopy multiple of everything (licence, insurance, owners proof, registration) and keep away from main tourist crossings. And never be in a rush. Just wait and wait if need be.
    From Laos to Cambodia at Veun Kham there was no customs on duty so I just rode in with no stamps or paperwork at all. And didn't get hit for a bribe on the way out at Krong Koh Kong either. Thai was more obsessive with papers but OK every time, even at Tak Bia riding past tanks and machine guns.

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