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    Re-posted from ... php?t=1307
    on 26 November 2005

    Apologies for the blatant plug, but………..the new GT Rider Laos guide map is out for all you Lao bikers & adventurers.

    This 3rd edition of the Lao map is again laminated, & has 5 new "city" maps
    1. Tha Khek
    2. Savannakhet
    3. Pakse
    4. Xayaboury
    5. Muang Ngoi Gao
    Plus heaps more fine detail - many roads GPS-ed properly with scores of new correct village names & more accurate kms.
    The map's also an extra 11 cms longer, to accommodate the new city maps, but still folds up to the same standard comfy size.

    In Laos best places to get it from are
    Asia Vehicle Rental
    Bor Pen Nyang pub
    Green Discovery
    Kopchaideu Pub
    Mini Post next to Lao Paris Hotel
    Oriental Books
    Phimphone Mini Mart (2 locations)
    PVO Mc rental
    Scandinavian Bakery
    Taipan Hotel
    That Dam Books
    Walkman Village
    Xayoh Magazine
    Konica Plaza

    Arimid Ghouse
    BAP Ghouse
    Huay Xai Photo
    Keoudomphone Guesthouse
    Phou Doi Travel
    Pornvijid Restaurant
    Thaveesinh Guesthouse

    Luangsay Cruise
    Scandinavian Bakery
    Treasure Travel
    Grace Air Ticketing
    L-Etrange Books

    Pakse Hotel

    Green Discovery

    Backstreet Books
    DK Books
    Gecko Books
    Jonadda Gueshouse
    Lost Bookstore
    Nam Khong Travel
    On The Road Books
    Panda Tours (next to Kafe)
    Surawongs Book Centre
    UN Irish Pub

    plus numerous ghouses / bars / restaurants "around the place."

    Ann Tour
    Chiang Khong Tour
    Easy Bar
    Easy Trip
    Ing Khong Guesthouse
    Krua Thip Guesthouse
    Lomatawan Pub & Restaurant
    Nam Khong Riverside Hotel
    SP Guesthouse
    Tammila Guesthouse

    Opium MUseum

    Nai Inn Books
    ST Motorcycle

    Oh yeah, cost is 200 Thai baht.
    I hope you like it & it brings your hundreds, if not thousands, of kms of brilliant riding & touring in Laos!

    Keep The Power On
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  3. DavidFL

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  4. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    In Luang Prabang, the map is also available at
    Grace Air Ticketing
    14 Sisavangvong Rd
    Tel: +85620567027

    & Treasure Travel (opposite Grace.)
  5. DavidFL

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  6. Rhodie

    Rhodie Ol'Timer

    During one of our numerous photostops we were accosted by this Dutch couple who,
    though it may be tempting to say they were lost whilst reading the map, were in fact looking for a place to stay on the road to Luang Namtha.
    David happily directed them to the next major village [Don Chai] where he had overnighted some years before when the road was a vicious rutted track.
    We were keen to see them on their way and get back to the process of picturing the AT in action.
    However, when they discovered they had found the map's cartographer a lengthy chat about places to stay ensued.
    All power to them as they kept up to our schedule & pace -we kept meeting them on the road- arriving in Luang Prabang only a day after us!
  7. artunltd

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    Cheers David,

    Me and 3 others are planning a Loas trip in July. I will be arriving in Pattaya a few days before. Is there a place in Pattaya that i can buy your Laos map? thanks.

    Craig in Seoul
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    I'm going to be coming in from Vietnam from the Dien Bien Phu border crossing (hopefully!) in about 2 weeks. Going to be riding round Laos for a month or so. Do you think the best bet for getting my hands on one of your maps would be to head to Luang Prabang? If so is just sticking to the highways to get there interesting or do you have any reccomensations?

    Thanks for your help!!

  9. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Pick up a map in Luang Prabang.
    Best roads are the ones you enjoy most. without knowing you hard to advise you, but why not work your way through the Lao trip reports & photos to get an idea of what is out there & what appeals to you.
    I'm trying to set something up in Vietnam for Laos maps, but it wont happen for another 3-4 weeks at a guess.
  10. beddhist

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    Is the 2005 map the latest? I foolishly gave my Laos map away, not knowing I would have a reason to return there so soon...

    Is there an outlet in Nong Khai?

    At Mr Mechanic in CM they tried to sell me a 2003 copy, saying the (C) 2003 meant the year the company was set up...

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