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  1. Apologies for the blatant plug, but………..the new GT Rider Laos guide map is out for all you Lao bikers & adventurers.

    This 3rd edition of the Lao map is again laminated, & has 5 new "city" maps
    1. Tha Khek
    2. Savannakhet
    3. Pakse
    4. Xayaboury
    5. Muang Ngoi Gao
    Plus heaps more fine detail - many roads GPS-ed properly with scores of new correct village names & more accurate kms.
    The map's also an extra 11 cms longer, to accommodate the new city maps, but still folds up to the same standard comfy size.

    In Laos best places to get it from are
    Asia Vehicle Rental
    Bor Pen Nyang pub
    Green Discovery
    Kopchaideu Pub
    Mini Post next to Lao Paris Hotel
    Oriental Books
    Phimphone Mini Mart (2 locations)
    PVO Mc rental
    Scandinavian Bakery
    Taipan Hotel
    That Dam Books
    Walkman Village
    Xayoh Magazine

    Arimid Ghouse
    BAP Ghouse
    Huay Xai Photo
    Keoudomphone Guesthouse
    Phou Doi Travel
    Pornvijid Restaurant
    Thaveesinh Guesthouse

    Luangsay Cruise
    Sala Luang Prabang Guesthouse
    Scandinavian Bakery
    Treasure Travel

    Pakse Hotel

    Green Discovery

    Backstreet Books
    DK Books
    Gecko Books
    Jonadda Gueshouse
    Lost Bookstore
    Nam Khong Travel
    On The Road Books
    Panada Tours (next to Kafe)
    Surawongs Book Centre
    UN Irish Pub

    plus numerous ghouses / bars / restaurants "around the place."

    Ann Tour
    Chiang Khong Tour
    Easy Bar
    Easy Trip
    Ing Khong Guesthouse
    Krua Thip Guesthouse
    Lomatawan Pub & Restaurant
    Nam Khong Riverside Hotel
    Nomads Guesthouse
    SP Guesthouse
    Tammila Guesthouse

    Oh yeah, cost is 200 Thai baht.
    I hope you like it & it brings your hundreds, if not thousands, of kms of brilliant riding & touring in Laos!

    Keep The Power On
  2. Hey, it is your site; plug away! Now, how about a laminated Mae Hong Son Loop map??
  3. Wimpy
    The next MHS loop map will be laminated. When that comes out depends on high season sales 2005/2006.
    The earliest could be mid-late Jan if things go well, but I aint that optimistic right now.
    How was the USofA, or are you still there?

    Keep The Power On
  4. I'm back. The US sucks! The shopping is good though. Picked up lots of goodies for the Suzuki, which I am presently installing. Got to get her ready for the New Years Lao run!
  5. Why we can't buy your maps in Bangkok ?
  6. Bertrand
    No maps for sale in Bkk because no distributor in Bkk.
    Asia Books are only really interested in their own maps that they distribute. Also for me
    the quantity that they sell is miniscule compared to what has been sold in North Thailand & Laos.
    I’m sure it is not a problem for you to buy a Laos map in Vte as you go in, or a MHS map in Cnx, where you need it.

    Keep The Power On
  7. Hi David...
    Is there any way I can get one of your fantastic laminated new-edition Laos maps sent out to me in NZ? My sister and I are pedal-biking from Vientiane to Luang Prabang next Feb..and being 'Psycho Planner Girl,' I'd love to have a wee study of the map before we head do we sort bank accounts etc?
    Chuck me an email when you get a chance.

    Thank you!
    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  8. Lex'y your a champian, rid'n a sit down run'n machine from, VTE, to LP will requiore buns of steel, an be'n a sheep fancyer u may be able to do it, head down tail up girl, u got a Ipod, load it with motivational grooves , OZ rock will suffice,:)..Scott
  9. Lexi
    Sent you an email a few days ago.
    I hope one of those options is ok

    Keep The Power On
  10. Yeah thanks, David, that's great. I've sent you an email in reply. And to Scott...let's lose the sheep references, mate!! You're just jealous you're not a New Zealander..haha. :) But thanks for the motivation...we know it's going to be mighty hard. Looking forward to putting up a trip report when we get back.
  11. David...
    I bought a copy laswt week at Paxse Hotel...
    The map had a 2005 did all their other 12 copies of the map. Noted the same in Laung Prabang...

    Are those maps with a 2005 date...actually the recent one mentioned in your post above..??

  12. In addition to previous post, is there an updated version. If not is there somewhere on the website we can go to check for any updates to the map? Cheers
  13. is there anywhere in Chiang Rai with this map for sale.


  14. Sorry, none for sale in Chiang Rai. Try Chiang Khong / Opium Museum at Golden Triangle.
  15. Sorry no updated version yet. Also no website updates, but just read the Lao Road & Trip Reports & you might pick up the odd update tip.
  16. thanks David

    will pick up my bike from Chaing Rai in the next few weeks
    so will have a look then


  17. Hi David,
    Am totally new to this site but really impressed. Am planning a Laos trip sometime later this year. I live in Brisbane. Is there any way of getting my hands on the maps here before i lob into Laos?
  18. Andy
    I can mail to Oz no trouble.
    Just need an address & your money.
    Ive got an Oz Nat Bank A/c, so you can deposit there & I'll post down asap.
    Have sent you a PM with bank details.
  19. David,
    I'd like a map also. I'm in Florida. How do I pay you?
    Thanks ,Pete
  20. Pete sent you an email with the info.
  21. Pete
    Sent you an email with the right info. Basically I just need your address & your money.
  22. Hi David

    is there any way you can post the map to an address in Pattaya if
    I mail you cash THB

  23. Rod
    Yes no trouble. All i need is your address & money.
    Sent you an email with details.
  24. I would like one too, please. Can you send one to England?


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