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Discussion in 'Central Thailand Road Trip Reports' started by ThunderDuck, May 31, 2006.

  1. ThunderDuck

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    You'd think that Mai Sai would be the sensible choice for a visa run from Chiang Rai but I chose Sadao ... and have just completed a 38 day 7600 km circumnavigation of Thailand on a 125cc Honda Dream scooter. It ran flawlessly ... from 40 plus degrees and wide open throttle on the highway to climbing mountain switchbacks in pouring rain.

    Avg distance / day ~ 380 kms
    Longest " / " ~ 640 kms (ouch)
    Rest days ~ about nine
    Avg speed ~ 85 -90 km / hr
    Avg economy ~ 90 mpg
    Maintenance ~ Replaced chain and sprockets @ 11,500 klms
    Punctures ~ nil

    Best rides ~ Burma border run from Mae Sariang and the eerily quiet roads Loei to Nan.
    Friendliest Locals ~ Ranong ... lots of smiles waves toots and hospitality extended in this part of the world.

    Average daily spent ~ 550 to 650 baht (accomodation 250 - 400 per night)

    Vive la Scooterista!
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  3. scot harper

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    Ducky, you must have a lot of spare time on your hands, and, an ass hard as buff hide or red as a baboons!!
    Keep the dream alive...Scott
  4. howwwyyy

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    agree with you bout ranong-freindly going north from there to eventualy chang mai+want to go 3 pagoda pass way-but not sure if theres a road linking to the resevoir n/e of there(my maps crap til i get to mai sot)did you go that way?+if u did you find a road+whats it like?600 day!u must be mad,i start to wriggle after 150!
  5. Auke

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    There is a road turning off from Rd 323 to Chalae in Kroeng Krawia village just before a police post if you come from the 3 Pagoda Pass. This road goes through a national park and probably has steep entry fees for foreigners. No idea about the condition of the road (Rd 3183 Kanchanaburi) but this road ends up at the Sri Nakarin Reservoir where you can cross by boat to SiSawat on the other side.

    Personally i would drive down to past TaSao (coming from 3 Pagoda Pass) and then take Rd 3457 to Chong Sadao and then north to SiSawat. From there you will have to find your way to near Tak and then west to Mae Sot on the 105.
  6. ThunderDuck

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    Gday Howwwyy

    Yeah that 600 day certainly was a pain in the butt ... pain everywhere in fact lol ,,, it also involved transiting bangkok navigating by compass and dead reckoning.

    Gotta get me a GPS.


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