The Mae Wang Loop

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  1. Pottered out along the Mae Wang road a few days ago to test out the old arm.
    Found out that R1013 is not exactly in the best of nick - lots of potholes from the wet season. But the scenery is gorgeous right now & worth checking out, for the Mae Wang loop
    is beautiful 1 day loop 'n ride from Chiang Mai.

    Now in Huai Pong village I also picked up a nice looking dirt trail that is supposed to run up the east side of Inthanon, & maybe coming out on R1284 the Inthanon - Khun Wang - Huai Tong road. Along the way, you'll probably get a bit confused, if not lost, but have a great time exploring Karen hill tribe villages & steep tricky trails in good forest. Dlevedag,if you're reading this, email me & I'll send you the start of the GPS track for you to check out & finish for me. It should be a brilliant day's dirt riding.

    Out the back of Huai Tong, Silverhawk noted a sign for a waterfall & off we went.


    3kms down the bumpy potholed asphalt, the road ran out in the rice paddies, where a group of Karen guys were loading up a pick up with veges. The laughed & stared dumb struck at the stupid farang asking for a waterfall. "Mai mee." Silly aren't we, fancy following a sign for a waterfall & expecting to find one....


    Back on the "main road" we split up. Silverhawk returning to Cnx via the Bo Kaew tin mine & old wonky going home the safe non-steep dirt way, back down R1013.
    Laugh, I managed to get back home 30 mins before Silverhawk, but it was straight into the medicine cabinet for some pain killers. Got a long way to go before the joint can handle the potholed bumpy stuff.
  2. David says, we had an enjoyable ride and took our time taking in the sites and marking a few new GPS waypoints. I haven't traveled that loop in a couple years and I had actually forgotten how far it was.

    The road before the Tin Mine gets pretty bumpy and dirty with a number of sections still paved in old brick. Not a place for David and his bad arm. I too am nursing a frozen shoulder so we made a heck of a pair moaning and groaning over the bumps and muscling the bikes where necessary.

    There is a lot of activity near the Tin Mine (N18 48.892 E98 33.967). I don't think they are mining, it looks more like a land reclamation project of some kind, but it sure is making the road dirty and heavy mud in some places. I tried a couple side roads myself which led to some hill tribe villages. They all turned into big uphill mud ruts which I was in no mood or condition for, so will save it for another day.

    Coming out onto rte 5032 it is about 30kms to Samoeng. This is a nice ride with tree lined views and smooth twisties. I am finally more confident on the DR650 with it's treacherous Trail Wing tires and had a quick and exhilarating ride stopping at Ian's X-Center for lunch. Always a great and friendly place for a pit stop. Ian was off to Pai with some guys from the Rambo film crew (hopefully he will post on that trip) but Suzuki Luke was sitting taking a break from his solo ride on the GSXER. All in all, it was about a 4.5 hour loop but a nice ride and good to be back out with Davidfl again.

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