The Man in the Tree

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  1. Those who follow this site know of my passion for the rides, the scenery, the people & the culture around Thoed Thai. And so it was during my last visit that my bike was invariably drawn off the more traveled routes, to one more of those magical tracks out through the mountains - the route to the Akha village of Ahai.

    The climb is swift, the views spectacular, the village beautiful:





    There's often a reason why the bike takes its rider somewhere & I was drawn to several red poles perched high upon the mountains. Higher & higher we climbed until we reached:


    This is a wat being constructed by the Akha (in the midst of a Christain community) made from clay & straw with murals depicting Akha life:






    I'm in the process of determining when the wat will be inaugurated/consecrated & will post details in time.

    If you still dont follow the name of this post, look closely again at the first photo.

  2. +1 cool stuff!
  3. Another place I have to visit Rod. Brills.
  4. Looks like you got one over me there. What was I doing in TT at the time?

    And what was the story with the man in the tree?
  5. In the light of your comments on the Poi Sang Long thread I trust he was there just waiting for the first coal truck to roll through....he had a large knife; I suspect he was 'hunting', I noticed a considerable flow of blood from his lower arm.
    Funny thing but I did not even see him until after I'd taken the shot.

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