The Mini Beast Goes North, Part II

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  1. I spotted the wide hipped Hmong Hill Tribe girl at the top of a gravel path. The little Beast roared to life and we were drawn upwards like moths to the flame. Gravel flew, clouds of dust rose and I’m certain blue flames came from the exhaust, like a booster rocket at lift off. I hit the rear brake hard about 15 feet from the girl and spun the beast around 360 degrees and lifted my visor. Her eyes were like pools of rich brown chocolate and through them she spoke to us “Stay here my village. I give you many sons and we open shop, take care motocy…” Before I could dismount, her Papa stepped from behind a tree and clubbed me. I went down…

    Yeah, I went down all right but it was from my nice warm bed to the cold, hard tile floor in my hotel at Tak. Another good dream lost, just when it was getting good. Addled but awake, I showered, dressed and availed myself of the buffet breakfast included with my 350 baht per night room. WiFi to boot, man, I was liking the north country more and more.

    It was Saturday morning and I noticed the hotel parking lot filled with Bangkok Metropolitan license plates. The middle class Thais were going north as well. For the record the hotel had both HiSo and LoSo rooms with according rates. Guess where the Baht Man stayed? Ha! The breakfast was excellent, especially the brewed black coffee, that helped to dilute the Leo beer I had swilled the night before.

    Day four’s goal was Tak to Chiang Mai and we were off to a good early start. Highway 1 is a great run and the view is good as well. The little Mini Beast handled the hills ok, but we were not setting any speed records either. I figure my cargo was about equal to a 40 kilo Thai babe on the pillion but the weight distribution wasn’t the same. Any way, handling was acceptable and we motored on.

    I ran the 3.7 liter tank down past “E” and finally filled up again, telling the pump attendant “tem maak maak!” He complied and squeezed 3.2 liters of Gasohol 95 in and away we went.

    By this time, people were talking to me and asking if I had really rode a wave all the way from Chonburi Province and where was I going? It was all in good fun and the Mini Beast enjoyed the attention.

    At Chiang Mai I missed the turn off for the old city near the airport, so I rode on and crossed the river at the Nawarat Bridge. My buddy had me a room at the Top North Guest House and I was ready for a beer and then a relaxing hot bath.

    Four days/three night; 972 kilometers averaging 54 kms/ltr; and no mechanical problems what so ever.
    Its good to be back!

    Billy Baht

    I'm still trying to figure out how to identify and comment on the photos, so bear with me please. The photo of the big bike was taken at Top North GH; an English couple were on a round the world trip and I chatted briefly with the guy. Talk about going for it :)
  2. Captain, the gas station only had Gasohol 95 or Regular 91. I feed the MB E20... when I can find it :)
  3. The MB prefers three parts Sangsom; one part bio diesel and six parts of Somchai's Aftershave (99% alcohol)

    Seriously though, I have never noticed any performance loss or lower kpl with E20, but then the MB is a Cheap Charlie, just like her driver :)

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