The Mini Beast goes North...

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  1. “I can not maneuver in this congested city, my air filter is clogged by the pollution and my wheels yearn to feel the freedom of the open highway again. We go north, na…”

    Again and again my Mini Beast (MB) Honda 110 CZi spoke to me in my dreams that we must depart from the debauchery of Pattaya and seek a new beginning in the North Country. Finally I could deny her no more.
    I loaded a small back pack in the step through and lashed a larger one behind me. I treated her to a tank full of E20 and we were off.

    Our first day was a short ride, taking the side road around Lake Maprachan to RT36, then on to Rt331. The road was un crowded and a delighted MB purred on contentedly at a modest 70 km/h. The rear back pack road well, shifting little; however, the down side was that refueling required unloading and then relashing the cargo. My little MB does have her limitations but I never mention them to her, lest she kick me to the curb upon encountering a patch of gravel.

    Darkness fell too soon and immediately past Chachoengsao on Rt. 304 it became apparent that we must seek shelter. A stream of smoking semis were passing us on the right and a pick up was bearing down on us from the left, driving against oncoming traffic and blinding everyone with blue halogens on high beam. The MB sensibly veered in to a 450 baht a night bungalow type hotel and it was dream land with 140 kms under out belt.

    Day two was better, getting a much earlier start and cruising secondary roads, eventually linking up to Rt. 33, then on to Highway 1. We made Sing Buri around 4 pm and were not about to press our luck and travel after dark again. Found a budget room for 320 baht a night, including air con, near the bus station and called it a day.

    Day three was even better, the MB ate up the asphalt at a blinding 80 km/h, the excellent road stretched before us inviting us northward. Truth be told, the seat is made for quick trips in town and I did take frequent coffee breaks at 7-11. My Thai is functional; however, staff never understood when I ordered a “burger moo.” I would repeat my order slowly, then point to the sign. “Ahhhhh , burger moo!” and for the life of me they pronounced my order exactly as I had. There must be a special tome rule for pork burgers. Ha!

    I rose early and we were off to another good start; destination Tak…
  2. Hi there Billy, There must be two Pattaya's! The Pattaya Ive been to, is all class and style.

    Good to see your back on the road mate, your really getting good value out of your MB.

    Take it easy, see you soon I hope.

  3. The Darlings of Soi 6 were recently speaking of "Moto Rek" :)

    Yes, the MB is pushing 20k now; my how the time flies...

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