The Missing Link- Sangkhlaburi to Umphang and back the same way.

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  1. Epic weekend with Fellow GT Riders.. Tony, Mike and Trent and our fantastic guide Jack...
    We rode in a group of around 9 Thai's and 4 Farang plus Jack our guide.

    Thai guys in the group were fantastic.. Great riding with them and Jack our guide is a legend..

    Trip reports to come with pics and video from all of us..

    A sneak preview 9 second video below to wet the appetite.. Lots of thrills and spills.. some small and spectacular crashes :)

  2. Bring it on, already looks outrageous.

  3. Up and Down the rock and rut slalom, dropped bike in the river crossing, mud, largest Asian Elephant I have ever seen bring us to a complete stop at the side of the trail, while passing dragging logs behind, locals starting to celebrate New Year..

    While we were doing the big river crossing two rough and tough fellas turned up out of the jungle carrying a shot gun with a round in the barrel.. Mike and I looked and ask our Thai riding mates.. Anything to be worried about?. No, just telling us there is an army checkpoint ahead.. They looked like guys you didn't want to mess with.. Turned back 5 mins later and they were gone and quickly as they came.. In the middle of no where on the Thai / Burma border.

    Just a short clip to give you a taste.. The other guys have lots of good material to come..
    Filmed on my point and shot Nikon AW100.. Great camera.. Very happy with the photos and video so far.

  4. Wow! The stream crossings already look like hard work, but fun.
  5. Great video brian.

    That river crossing must have been super slippery with all that moss on the rocks, and that hill Im sure is a lot steeper than it looks in the clip.

    This must have been an epic ride. Looking forward to your write up and photos.

    Cheers Moto-Rex

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