The New 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere

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  1. I stopped by Red Baron yesterday to pick up some parts and they've got a pair of Yamaha Super Tenere on the floor that just arrived. Not on their website yet, but wow, what mean looking bikes!

  2. Good looking machine, no doubt!
    I want one..
  3. Very nice indeed, any idea on the price?
  4. Heh, heh, talk about dusting off an OLD thread! Was at Red Baron yesterday and they've got a new 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere XT1200Z on the floor; asking price 868k Baht:

    2012 XT1200Z Super Tenere
  5. Same here as with the KLR650, ST1200 sells at Yamaha Square for B 920,000, so B 52,000.- more than the RB ones but at YSQ customers get a warranty and spare parts with factory service, at RB not so what would be the incentive to buy at RB for this price ? Can't understand the logic right now at their prices. Me also thinks that once the 2013 stocks are sold at Yamaha they will come out with new prices for 2014 models and lower prices anyway then again RB would do good to make special offers to get them sold quickly.
  6. Mean-looking, yes. Good-looking - no!

    That matte-black side fairing piece must be one of the biggest of any bike I've ever seen, and in the lower photo it looks like the rear sub frame could use a cover, looks like something is missing there. The muffler looks like a grenade thrower and the the left rear foot peg has a weird shape and is probably expensive to replace when the bike tips over! How much does that bike weigh?

    I'm not a fan but I'm sure it will find a buyer!
  7. Only 261Kg... :lolno:
  8. Now where is the XT660? That's the Useful one!!!
  9. ^ Right, after the last K100RS I had I got into big singles, had a XR650L and a DR650SE - lots of fun!

    Big heavy bikes is a thing of the past for me.

    I'm happy they make decent cheap bikes like the CB250, the CB500 and Yamaha's MT-07.

    But I'm sure there are lots of riders out there wanting to own a status-symbol like the big Tenere. :)
  10. Klaus, I was always asked by Yamaha Square guys to exchange my FJR against a XT1200, so I sat on it just to have a feel. Even I'm 1.80 tall I could not put my feet down on both sides when the bike was on the highstand, once on its wheels, much to heavy for me topside so I actually never considered that option as the FJR had the same weight DRY as the XT1200 but with a much lower center of gravity. In my opinion, not the best bike Yammie has brought onto the market the last years. MT07 or MT09 would be the one to go.............
  11. It's probably that I am through with big heavy bikes! I've had several K100, an Intruder 1400, even my beloved old XS650s I consider now as too heavy.

    When I came across a XR650L because it was a good deal, and I rode it for weeks without riding any of the other bikes I had in the garage (up to seven) because it was so much fun, something happened. I slowly sold off the other bikes, the only new one was a DR650SE and a KLX250.

    No more sexy looks, tons of power, exhausts of titanium, 180 rear tires, big twins, big four-cylinder engines; no more wide, heavy bikes that are difficult to handle in a parking lot. I never used them to their full potential anyways. It's better to ride the wheels off a smaller bike than to use only half of the potential of a big bike. Almost every time I opened up my ZX9R I got in trouble, either with traffic or the police.

    Upright seating position, wide handle bar that keeps you in control, slim, light body and just enough power so you can drift out of corners - that's what I want!

    Back to the topic: to me the 1200 Tenere seems like a bloated twin that took too many steroids. Too many designers adding on too many things.
    A CB500X can go 180 km/h. I don't see the advantage of all that mass. Maybe it's an image thing, why buy a cheap 500 when you can buy an expensive 1200?

    That said, I'm sure there are people out there for whom a F800GS is too small or too weak or too light or too cheap; if they need a 1200cc bike that costs and arm and a leg and weighs three times their own body weight, fine, go ahead, buy it and enjoy it! To each their own. :)

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