The New Bridge Connecting Thakhek And Nakhon Phanom. Dont Take Your Bike.

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  1. First photo shows the new immigration and customs building on the Laos side as you approach the bridge.

    When I arrived there I was told by an English specking official that it was not only OK to cross into Thailand, but crossing back into Laos from Thailand was OK too.
    So I gave them my passport, the customs papers, and got stamp out etc, and headed for the bridge with there smiles and goodbyes. As you approach the start of the bridge, there’s a small check point box. The guy there asked me were I was going, refraining from answering Canada, I pointed to Thailand and the bridge. He said you cant go. I said immigration told me it was OK. He then said did the police say it was ok. I just said yes, and he let me go.

    So over the bridge I went, happily taking photos, but when I arrived at Thai immigration on the other side, all hell broke loose.

    There was officials coming from every were, and they weren’t very happy. They asked what was I doing riding on the bridge. I just said the Laos officials said it was ok.
    To cut a long story short, I was interviewed by several officials. They had at first thought I had done a runner from Laos, but seeing the passport and paper work was in order, they knew that wasn’t the case.
    I was told to wait while the superintendent and he’s assistant were found. Luckily the boss was smart, spoke good English, and best of all had a good sense of humour.
    He couldn’t believe that the Lao officials had let me across, and seemed less than impressed with the people on the other side of the bridge for allowing me to do so.
    He told me he would let me off this time only, adding I was not to ride on the bridge again.
    In the end we had a laugh about it, and he told me no motorcycles are allowed on any friendship bridges what so ever.
    He did however say you can bring a bike across if its on the back of a pick up/ute.



  2. Aint it grand MotoRex, yhe officials don't seem to know what they're doing either side of "the bridge."
    No wonder us pure motorbike mortals get confused.

    But IMHO the guys on the Laosa side were probably a bit slack, as the "official policy" should be no motorbikes on the Friendship Bridges.
    However that said, I know quite a few are riding into Laos across the Friendship Bridge at Nong Khai / "Vientiane."
    So, suck it & see, but don't blame me if it does not work.

    Now you must have been one of the first riders, if not the first, across the bridge at Tha Khek / Nakhon Phanom = congratulations.
  3. Hmm, we came back twice from Laos into Thailand accross the Friendship bridge at Nong Kai, no problem whatsoever.
  4. Yes exiting Laos from the Friendship bridge at Nong Khai does not seem to be a problem anymore; & neither does entry now from from what I can gather. It would be good to some reports on Thai registered bikes entering via the bridge at Nong Khai.
  5. I have exited Laos via this bridge a few months ago with no problem, but next Feb would like to enter Laos here. Last time they made it quite clear that exiting Thailand here by riding your CRF ain't allowed. So, does anybody have contact details for someone with a pickup that can transport motorbikes over this bridge?

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